Edema after Restylane

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Indications for the use of the drug Restylane:

Application of Restylane is indicated for correctionDeformations of skin contours: wrinkles and deep folds, to increase the volume of the lips (correction of deformations of cutaneous contours in the face area is possible if the defect can be stretched with fingers to the desired state).

Possible substitutes for Restylane:

Attention: the use of substitutes must be agreed with the attending physician.

solution for intradermal injections

Hypersensitivity to restylane components, recent surgery on the skin (laser or chemical peeling); inflammation in the area of ​​the proposed injection.

Dosing and Administration:

V / k, is injected into the dermal layer of the facial skin using thin needles (size 30 or 32).

The maximum dose of Restylane in the correction of onesection - 30 mg (1.5 ml); if the patient needs further procedures or the skin is too flabby and requires more preparation, subsequent injections should be carried out as separate procedures.

When correcting Restylane wrinkles or wrinklesanesthesia is not required, with an increase in the volume of the lips, blockade of nerve endings is carried out. To smooth wrinkles or folds, a linear injection technique or a series of point injections is used (a combination of both methods is possible). When the injection is carried out, the lumen of the needle should face upward, during the injection the contour of the needle should be visible; The introduction of the Restylane solution must be completed before the needle is removed from the skin (to prevent the material from flowing).

The dermatoprotective agent is a naturally occurring polysaccharide, which is an important component of the skin, subcutaneous and connective connective tissue, synovial tissues and fluids.

When introducing Restylane into the dermal layer of the facial skin, the preparation increases the volume of the selected site.

Hyperemia of the skin, swelling, wrinkling, swelling,itching, pale skin, soreness (at the injection site); acne-like papules. These phenomena pass independently within 24-48 hours with the introduction of Restylane into the skin of the face and within 2-7 days after the correction of the shape of the lips.

With the introduction of the drug into the blood vessel - the occlusion of the lumen of the terminal artery.

Intended only for IV administration, avoidgetting into the blood vessels. The patient must be informed in advance about the possibilities of the procedure, the expected results, contraindications, precautions, side effects and the possible painfulness of the procedure. Needles, a syringe and other auxiliary materials after an injection by Restylane are immediately destroyed. Before the procedure, the appropriate place is massaged in order to prepare surrounding tissues. Correct technique is the determining factor of the effectiveness of the procedure; Injections can only be carried out by physicians who have received special training. If there is swelling after the injection, it is recommended to apply melted ice for a short period to the injection site. Restylane treated area can not be heated (including in the solarium) or supercooled until the post-injection edema and hyperemia completely subsides. If the drug is introduced into deeper layers or in / m, the duration of the corrective effect will be much less because of the acceleration of the metabolism of Restylane.

Do not mix Restylane solution with other drugs.

With the simultaneous administration of anticoagulants at the injection site, hematomas or bleeding may occur.