Swelling of the foot

White oleander Expert (433), closed 4 years ago

Yesterday, when walking, the strap of the slap pushed on the risefeet (there was such a feeling that something had to be squeezed), no corns, too, but there is a small tumor, and I can not flex my fingers, it hurts too, what to do? Can what that a compress can be imposed or ointment what? Nurofen gel smeared (there was nothing else) until deaf .. does not help (((((

OLGA LOSEVA Oracle (57457) 4 years ago

It is necessary to make a vodka compress, gauzethe napkin is wetted with vodka, applied to the tumor, fixed with a gauze bandage. Just 5-6 days you need a day (with physical exertion) to impose an eight-part bandage on the ankle joint.
most often from wearing uncomfortable shoes there is a neuroma
feet is a benign nerve tumor caused by abnormal proliferation of nerve cells in response to irritation.
Shark fat-cream with neuroma of foot and neuralgia, effectively relieves pain and numbness, eliminates swelling and inflammation in the joints

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Vodka compress for the night.

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take a bandage and soak it with cold water and bandage your foot, the bandage will dry and pull off the leg, it will become easier, the cold water will relieve the pain

A source: State Technical University in Georgievsk

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half a brush put a compress moistened in salt solution, the salt draws water and the tumor will fall off