Tavegil relieves swelling

The quantity of medicinal products produced todaymeans, possessing antiallergic and antipruritic effect, amazes imagination. There are a great many of them, since allergic reactions have become today a fairly common phenomenon of modern life. Of course, allergy sufferers need such medications, but even the latest pharmaceutical developments are not always effective. But the first generation drugs, although they have a lot of side effects, often provide effective help. One of them is Tavegil. The instruction for use characterizes this medication as an antiallergic agent related to the group of H1-histamine receptor blockers.

The active substance of the drug isklemastin, suppressing the release of histamine in the body, which causes the main allergic manifestations - skin itching, runny nose, lacrimation, lowering blood pressure, etc. Tavegil effectively removes the swelling of the tissues and mucous membranes of the nasopharynx for allergic rhinitis, reducing the permeability of capillaries - small blood vessels. A characteristic feature of this antihistamine is that the drug begins to act very quickly. And its therapeutic activity persists for 12 hours.

Most often Tavegil is used forexacerbations of seasonal annual allergic diseases, accompanied by conjunctivitis and runny nose. In particular, the drug showed high efficiency in the negative reaction of the organism to the pollen of flowering plants - pollinosis. This disease manifests itself in lacrimation, redness of the eyes, nasal congestion, rhinitis.

Also, doctors prescribe this medication whenthe emergence of papular or spotted rash - hives. With allergies such a rash often appears under the influence of the environment - ultraviolet irradiation, heat or, conversely, cold. Urticaria very quickly grows and extends to large areas of the skin.

Tavegil well helps with any dermaldiseases of allergic origin - eczema, neurodermatitis. exudative diathesis, as well as contact dermatitis, which arises from the irritating effects of chemical or mechanical factors.

Finally, having in the home medicine cabinet this therapeuticmeans, you can protect yourself from allergic rashes caused by stings of bees and bloodsucking insects. In such cases, the drug effectively relieves burning, itching and swelling of the tissues.

Pharmaceutical companies produce Tavegil invarious medicinal forms. Tablets contain 1 milligram of clemastine. They are taken one at a time twice a day. A solution for intravenous or intramuscular injection is placed in ampoules. Injections are done twice a day for 2 milligrams. There is another syrup Tavegil, which is recommended to take in the morning and evening for 10 milliliters.

Absolute contraindications for useTavegil is hypersensitivity to its components, the period of breastfeeding the child and the child's age until the 1st year. The drug can not be taken with bronchial asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis, because the drug makes it difficult to withdraw phlegm due to an increase in its viscosity. Combined use of Tavegil and antidepressants, especially monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO), is prohibited.

With caution appoint Tavegil at higharterial pressure, heart failure, thyroid dysfunction, urinary system diseases, glaucoma. Do not self-treatment with this antiallergic drug during pregnancy without the approval of a gynecologist, especially injectable drug administration.

Blockers of H1-histamine receptors of the firstGenerations have an extensive list of side effects that can be listed for a long time. Tavegil is not an exception. Instruction for use identifies the following negative manifestations: nausea, dizziness, fatigue, frequent palpitation, irritability, tremor of hands, frequent urination. And the most serious side effect is a constant sensation of drowsiness. which is difficult to combine with active work.

High efficacy of antihistaminicTavegil's actions still allow the use of this drug successfully for the treatment of allergic diseases. But before buying a medicine, you should visit the attending physician and get his approval. Do not harm yourself and be healthy!