Edema of the earpin

Quincke's edema is an acute allergic reaction,at which, due to the action of stimuli, there is a local edema of the skin and swelling of the subcutaneous fat. Most often, this kind of allergic reaction is observed in adults, mostly women, although not insured against it and children since infancy. Like most diseases, the danger of this manifestation lies not in the allergy itself, but in the threat of asphyxia (choking), which provokes swelling of the larynx and bronchi. This phenomenon in 20% accompanies Quincke's edema and, if the patient is not given a first aid in a timely manner, can result in a fatal outcome. Treatment of edema is performed only by specialized drugs and requires hospitalization. At home, the patient is only given first aid.

The reasons for the appearance of the reaction are associated withphysiological features of the human body. In the body of each of us in the "bound" inactive state is histamine. This substance is responsible for the body's reaction to inflammation: by detecting its focus, histamine is activated and enters the bloodstream through which it causes the expansion of blood vessels and capillaries, makes their walls thinner, and improves their patency. As a result, inflammation is enveloped by edematous cellular tissues, blood circulation in this region decreases, cells of lymphocytes and neutrophils are concentrated there. The latter and provide protection of the body and subsequent recovery.

But sometimes such a finely tuned course of things givesfailure, and the body reacts to the wrong stimulus - most often it is an allergen. The place of the inflammatory process in this case takes the allergic process, and the body's defense does not recognize the differences, allowing edema and triggering the cell protection system. So there is a swelling of Quincke.

The causes of an allergy that made the body go wrong,can be the most common - dust or pollen of plants, fur and wool of animals, food consumed. Another question is that the very reaction of the organism in the case when there is edema is unusual and atypical, which means that it needs appropriate treatment.

Sometimes swelling occurs for reasons that do not haveno relation to allergies. If your type of edema is non-allergic, this indicates the presence of congenital pathologies that also require medical examination. These can be diseases of the endocrine system, the action of parasites or inflammatory processes in internal organs.

How to recognize Quincke's edema?

Symptoms of edema Quincke often appear suddenly -this kind of reaction belongs to allergies of immediate manifestation. Edema is manifested in a place where there is sufficient amount of subcutaneous tissue for its development - that is, it can swell on the lip or at the bottom of the nose, eyelids or cheeks, behind the ears, on the hands and feet. The most unpleasant types of edema are blisters in the genital area and in the tongue, since these problems are already partly related to internal organs and their treatment is difficult.

All these symptoms are not accompanied, as a rule,pain: when you touch the swelling, almost nothing is felt, it does not appear characteristic of other edematous fossae. The affected area of ​​the skin, as a rule, becomes pale; under the hands it feels like a seal.

Edema can move from place to place, because everythingThe subcutaneous space of a person communicates with each other, and even spreads. At the same time, the body becomes covered with noticeable red spots - the urticaria emerge, which always accompanies the angioedema. On the body appear flailing blisters. In no case should you try to eliminate this rash folk remedies - smear with cream or rub with broths. Until the cause of the allergy is clarified, any action can serve as a catalyst or bring a new allergen into the body - the treatment itself is harmful in this case.

All the symptoms described above are usually sofrighten others that first aid is directed at their elimination. In this case, the most dangerous is not itching and edema that appears - it is necessary to be afraid of the same swelling on the internal organs, first of all - the larynx.

This reaction is subject to only a fifthsuffering from edema Quincke, but it can lead to complications and even death. How to recognize the symptoms of laryngeal edema in advance? The patient should be asked to talk - hoarseness and hoarseness of voice, heavy breathing, wheezing speak of the beginning of edema of the throat, which will last from an hour to a day. At the next stage, breathing becomes more difficult, the skin of the face turns blue, there may be an asphyxiation, whose treatment at home is impossible.

In most cases, the patient will needurgent help - therefore, it's better to call an ambulance at the first signs of an edema, then it will have time to arrive before the swelling of the throat and difficulty breathing. Treatment of such a serious disease should be entrusted to specialists.

Edema can develop in other internalbodies, where he will not represent a deadly threat. If the edema is localized to the stomach or intestines, it may form a poor patency or, conversely, start diarrhea and vomiting. At the same time, the tongue and palate become numb. There are rezi in the stomach.

Rarely, but still there are cases when swellinginitially arises or passes into the area of ​​the meninges, that is located under the cranium. Immediately there is a retardation of reactions and convulsions, headache, completely numb the muscles of the occiput - it becomes impossible to tilt the head.

Any of these reactions is dangerous, so you need to know what means the patient can be given emergency care before an ambulance arrives.

The first action to be takenwith the onset of edema Quincke - is to call an ambulance or instruct her to call those present at the seizure. Also it is necessary to stop the action of the allergen that caused the reaction, in order to prevent its aggravation. Usually the allergen that starts the mechanism of edema is very simple - it can be a medical product (then its input must be stopped immediately), the insect bite (pull the sting and put the tourniquet above the bite if it's a limb), food, animals.

After eliminating the contact with the allergen,to simplify air access as much as possible: remove the belt and tie, unbutton the collar of the shirt or dress. Often a cool compress is placed on the affected area. If the patient was in a room in the outer clothing, then it must also be removed in order to simplify the examination of the doctor or independently determine the place of the edema.

In the future, the problem can be solved, so to speak,people's means. The patient will be helped by an abundant warm drink, which will speed up the metabolism. It is also recommended to give activated charcoal - it will serve as a sorbent for removing the remnants of allergens from the body.

How is it treated with Quincke?

Treatment of edema detected during an attack,occurs in a hospital: before determining the cause of its occurrence, the patient should be under the supervision of doctors. After stopping the swelling in place, the patient is given emergency care in intensive care. Then the cause is clarified - that is, the nature of the stimulus that caused the reaction. To do this, you may need a set of specialized blood tests, and eventually - a test application of an allergen.

If the cause of edema is non-allergiccharacter, its diagnosis and treatment will become more complicated. It will be necessary to undergo a whole complex of biochemical and bacteriological analyzes, not to mention ordinary common ones.

After diagnosis, you can treat Quincke's edemaat home - the doctor will prescribe a medicine that directly affects the cause of the exacerbation. Usually prescribed antihistamines - although this does not mean that the treatment can not be backed up also by folk remedies.

The patient is recommended a diet that excludesidentified and possible allergens. If we are talking about a child who is still breastfed, then she will have to adhere to the mother too. If the allergy was food, then to reduce the sensitivity to food, you can add special enzymes - or do only those dishes that completely eliminate allergens.

A man who at least once suffered swellingQuincke, it is necessary to undergo a complete course of sanation of the organs of the ear, mouth and nose. Absence of problems in otolaryngology will help not to collide with the next attack with the danger of suffocation - and the likelihood of an attack will decrease, since often allergens find their way on the already injured by viruses ENT organs. In the same way, you need to protect other foci of allergies in the body.

Of course, the best treatment of the disease is early removal of its causes. Proper diet and sleep, the elimination of allergens will help prevent swelling in the future.

Great importance in the fight against allergensrepresents the organization of living space, nutrition and medication. In rooms where there is a person predisposed to an allergy, always be clean, wet cleaning, airing. On the bookshelves it is better to install glass - this will eliminate allergy to dust. It is not recommended to keep pets, use repellents, store in the open form of household chemicals. A well-established diet and removal from the menu of products such as eggs, millet, milk will also help insure against a repeat attack.

Doctors recommend taking with themif not a medical card, then at least an extract from it with a description of the disease. An allergy can catch a patient in an unfamiliar place when there are no relatives and relatives nearby, and doctors will need to take operative actions - extracts about the nature and cause of the disease, prescribed medicines will facilitate their work and will allow to avoid re-testing.

Quincke's edema is a serious pathology, the acute attack of which creates a threat to life. It is better to introduce a restriction of preventive measures into your life in time, rather than experience an exacerbation.

The article is presented for informational purposes only. The appointment of treatment should be done only by a doctor!