Edema of the brain

My child has a coma with cerebral edemaepilepsy with the diagnosis of "Sysptomatous porcial epilepsy", is observed in the SPC in Solntsevo. After the coma, the girl was like a "jelly" with constant convulsive attacks with a cut of the left part of the body, with feeding through the probe. Lying in Tushino hospital. Doctors appointed convuls, took it for 1.5 years, convulsions decreased, but there were many. We introduced the keppra, it became better, some cramps left. Further, Konvuleks was replaced by Topomax, convulsions did not worsen, but there were many. We went to the NPC in Solntsevo, made an MRI and video monitoring. According to the MRI, there is no topology, but there is hydrocephalus. The Topomax was abolished and Konvuleks was administered. Konvulex helped, the cramps became much less, then Lamiktal was introduced. After 2-3 months the child had a series of seizures with respiratory arrest, first 1-2, then up to 5. They removed Lamiktap, but convulsions with breathing stopped, but became softer. Introduced Suxilep instead of Lamycal, small cramps became smaller, but convulsions with breathing stopped. Presumably Convoolex gives side effects. And, in this connection, I have such a question: is it worth replacing Convulex for Depakin chrono? Now she takes Keppu 500mg, Convulex 300mg, Suxilep for 4 ml of morning and evening. By the way Suxilep, apparently, we will cancel, because. the girl became krutit.Pri peme Lamiktala, she began to walk slowly (with support), and with Suksilep it became difficult for her to walk, twist and quickly gets tired.