Swelling of the brain resuscitation

The Moscow doctors rescued the musicians day, on the verge of life and death.

The city doctors told journalists about thestate of health Garik Sukachev. The singer got to the hospital on January 14 - he touched with alcohol and poisoned himself, he called the doctors, and they urgently took him to the intensive care unit.

There he, according to LifeNews, was diagnosed with cerebral edema.

- Resuscitation measures were carried out during the day, - was told in the clinic. - The threat to life and health of the artist passed, his condition is normalized.

The next day Sukachev was transferred to an ordinary ward. Now he is in the psychosomatic department.

56-year-old Garik Sukachev had problems withalcohol, doctors repeatedly talked with him on this topic, talked about the possible consequences. Now the artist has a few days to think about it, lying on a hospital bed.

Garik Sukachev is a famous Russian rock singer, poet, film director. Father of two children.