Edema of the neck treatment

Inflammation of lymph nodes in the neck - a phenomenonquite common. Cervical lymphadenitis. namely, the so-called inflammatory process, localized in the cervical lymph nodes, is dangerous because here the lymph flow is close to the brain, and hence the infection if the lymphatic system does not cope with it.

  • submaxillary lymph nodes become inflamed with infection from the oral cavity and face,
  • zagorotochnye - if you get an infection and a nasopharynx,
  • superficial often due to skin diseases, suppuration of a scratch, scratching of a boil.

With bilateral inflammation of all lymph nodes, localized in the neck, more serious causes are suspected.

Lymphadenitis can occur almost everywhere, where there are lymph nodes, for example in the groin,

Most often this disease affects children,since their immunity is not yet fully formed, the disease can often resume when a provoking factor (hypothermia, draft) appears. The inflammatory process proceeds violently, all symptoms are exacerbated, and intoxication is manifested already on the first-second day. In infants, lymphadenitis can cause torticollis. the child will spare the affected side.

Cervical lymphadenitis can be caused by a number offactors. The most threatening factor is the presence of oncology, which gives an increase in lymph nodes as a symptom of the course, as well as syphilis and tuberculosis. In other cases, lymphadenitis occurs when viral or bacterial infection enters the throat (eg, with angina, flux, influenza, pneumonia, otitis), metabolic disorders, thyroid gland failure, human immunodeficiency virus, systematic alcohol intake, allergic reactions.

First of all, the patient feels uncomfortableturning the head - in the neck there is either a sharp pain or pulling (depending on the stage of the process). If you pay attention to this and feel your neck, you can feel the enlarged lymph nodes under your fingers, which are painful when you press them.

In the future, if the lymph system does not cope withinfection, the knot is suppressed, even more and the patient has symptoms of intoxication - headache, fever, fever, loss of appetite, weakness, loss of ability to work.

The next stage - purulent melting of lymph nodes,at which the pathological process involves the tissue of the lymph nodes, their contours become indistinct. In this case, the region of the cervical lymph nodes becomes hot to the touch, there is an elevation and edema extending to the neck.

Because lymphadenitis is threatening with its consequencesfor the human body, then treatment must begin immediately. First and foremost, doctors prescribe a general examination to assess the condition of the patient and to identify the causes of lymphadenitis. Typically, a clinical blood test shows an increase in the rate of erythrocyte sedimentation, which indicates an inflammatory process. On the quantitative characteristics of the doctor will assess the severity of the disease and will build tactics of treatment.

In some cases, a biopsy may be necessary to accurately identify the pathogen and prescribe "targeted therapy". At the same time, remove and severe symptoms that torment the patient.

To do this, appoint glucocorticoids, whichstimulate the immune system and relieve the inflammatory process. Among such medications are Medrol, Prednisolone and other drugs of this series. Also, patients undergo active UHF therapy, which helps to relieve edema and alleviate pain. In case the disease has gone far, antibiotics can be shown. If the lymph node is suppurated and a purulent cavity is formed, it is opened and the cavity is cleaned. When the lymph node is close to the surface of the skin, it can be opened by itself.

If the treatment does not help, the patient needs to be examined more thoroughly and treated with the disease, the manifestation of which was lymphadenitis.

Talking about the treatment of lymphadenitis is worth payingattention to the general condition of the body. Increasing protective functions in this case is an integral part of successful treatment. To do this, the patient is prescribed multivitamins, vitamin C, immunostimulants.

The disease in no case need to be treated at home. This is due to the fact that the cervical lymph nodes are located close to the brain and the pathological process on the ascending one threatens to reach the brain and lead to meningitis. Also, neglected lymphadenitis threatens to get the infection into the blood, which means that sepsis (infection of the blood) and spreading of the infection throughout the body can occur. In this case, the life of the patient is threatened with mortal danger.

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