Swelling of female organs

Chronic diseases: no. there is an allergy, but not examined.

Hello! I have swelling inside the vagina. Like an inflated bubble closing the entrance. I found it by accident. When washing, I noticed a slight burning sensation. Particular attention did not pay t. To. There are no vydeleny and pains. I thought that the costs of menopause. I have constant tides. Was at the doctor in May-me have recommended Remens. The problem is that I'm in France and do not know the language at all. I can not consult a doctor and I do not have any medicine with me. I return to St. Petersburg only on September 11th. What can be done at this time. I have an antibiotic Flemoxin solute. Took children. Help me please! Now there was a burning sensation. Other symptoms except edema and burning I do not observe.

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