Edema of the left hip

Hello. Female, 46 years old, height 160, weight 52.
Diseases. In 2007, surgery for melanoma of the inner surface of the left thigh - (in situ) without treatment. There are nodes in the thyroid gland, myoma. In connection with myoma in 2008, a spiral Mirena was placed. For 5 years, the condition of the veins worsened, put CVI 1st. In May 2014 Mirena was replaced by a new one. But TC symptoms of CVI - severe nocturnal cramps, aches in the entire lower half of the body, which was not before, became unbearable, the spiral was removed after 2 months.

Against this background, in March 2012, for the first time afteroccupations in the gym there was an incomprehensible swelling of the left hip in the operated area. At first the inner surface became swollen, the thigh increased in size to the knee and resembled a riding breeches. A few days later, a clear area of ​​edema appeared. it was white. Pain was only the first two days, as after stretching. There was no temperature. Doctors could not say anything, they carried it to stretching. Swelling has gone down for 10 days.

The second such case occurred in December 2013,but already on both legs and also after training - doing exercises to reduce the legs in the simulator. There was not a lot of weight, just a little bit of burning, a lot of repetitions. Everything happened according to the same scheme, but already on both inner surfaces of the thighs. The case was on vacation and the doctors did not do a checkup, and they prescribed NSAIDs.

Immediately make a reservation that I'm not a professional athlete, but not an amateur - I go to the simulator for many years, I know the technique of exercises.

The third case was in November 2014. and also after doing an exercise to reduce the legs. But this time the swelling was initially white, and then reddened. Has addressed to the vascular surgeon in a hospital in an acute phase, inspection of problems with veins has not revealed.

The last time swellings after classes were in July2015. But they appeared after the exercises already on the flexion on the back surface. Those are no heavy weights, just a multi-repeat exercise. Those are also the first 2-3 days feeling of bursting, then an increase in the hips in size and again swelling along the inner surface to the knee.

This time I turned to the traumatologist, and toa vascular surgeon in a hospital and two sports doctors. The surgeon said that it is not like a venous manifestation. Sports doctors also said that this can not be a manifestation of a sports trauma, there must be another clinic. On my question "what is this and what do I do" all shrugged, suggested problems with the lymphatic system, but advised to donate blood to SASS. and in the case of a repeat of the situation, pass an MRI. The Doppler made by me, surprisingly, showed even a better picture than it was, but perhaps because the examination was done in the morning.

Please, tell me. to which doctors should be treated with a similar, what examination to pass now, when there are no symptoms. Is it worth buying sports compression underwear. I wanted to buy it already, but there are so many warnings in the manual that I have not decided yet.

I am enclosing here the last description of ultrasound of veins and photographs of the last two events in 2014 and 2015

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