Edema in front

Frontitis is an inflammatory disease that affects the frontal sinus of the nose. In this case, the infection itself can be either bacterial or infectious.

The main cause of the frontitis is impossibilitywithdrawal from the very sinuses of the mucus that accumulates in them due to a chronic runny nose or other infections. In this case, the disease itself can take place in both acute and chronic forms.

Acute frontal is a disease that oftenall observed after the flu or acute rhinitis. A chronic frontitis occurs when the acute form of the disease has not been cured to the end or in the event that a person has congenital anomalies of the nose, for example, the curvature of its septum. And, of course, in the development of the disease immunity plays a big role - with reduced protective forces of the body, the frontite penetrates frequently.

Symptoms of the frontitis are pain in the forehead area in the morningsand breathing in the nose. The pain subsides only when the sinus of the nose clears, but as it fills with the mucus the pain returns again. To that, there is a significant increase in body temperature and swelling in the forehead, that is, where the inflamed sinus of the nose is located.

Treat acute pharyngitis with high fevercosts only in a hospital. In this case, the patient must comply with bed rest during treatment. In order to determine what antibiotic will need to be treated, it is worthwhile to conduct a bacteriological study for sensitivity to antibiotics. After the desired antibiotic is selected, you need to start treatment. Antibiotics for acute frontal take is necessary in order to fight the pathogens of the disease. If you do not take antibiotics, the acute frontal will very quickly become chronic.

It is mandatory to use vasoconstrictive drops in order to remove the edema. If treatment with drugs does not help, then puncture in front. After the puncture is carried out, itselfThe frontal sinus is washed with antiseptic solutions twice a day. This again is necessary for better control of microbes. And the sooner such treatment is started, the more chances a person will have to recover.

Puncture at the front is conducted under localanesthesia in the ENT office - a doctor. This is an effective procedure that helps to cope with headaches and a persistent cold. But the operation is performed only by an experienced doctor who owns this procedure and conducted it several times already.

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