Soda removes swelling

About me:I love quality, I apply folk medicine long ago and reasonably

Pluses: harmless to health, fast acting and notharmful to children, always at hand, available composition, I use in cosmetology, treats thrush, helps with heartburn, effectiveness, wagon, cleaner, eco-friendly, cost-effective

So much has been written about soda. it would seem and nothing to add, so I learned a few new ways of using it, but there are two more ways!
1 Method of use is burnt pots,and such that already nothing takes except for a metal float (and it still scales the dishes, which is unpleasant). Recently, I often began to burn up (I work at home and I do not always have time to follow it, so I scratched it all off for a long time to strain my brain - there must be something, somewhere in the memory caches something amazingly simple is stored - and indeed I remembered As always Babushkin's way:
Pour soda into a saucepan with water (you can notfull, but that burned covered a finger well on three, well, and soda about 1-2 tablespoons (from the pan depends) and put to boil, then turn off, let it cool to a warm and calm sponge all washed off, and the pairs are not harmful.
2. The plate was already written about here, my grandmothers always covered the stove with soda and for many years she was standing like a new one! While my grandmother did not go into all sorts of chemistry - everything, the stove was all stilted - but what can you do - the advertisement for the old people works just like for the children.
3. Well, the most important thing in soda - relieves swelling with bruises!
In my youth I was going to go to the weekend forgirlfriend in another city, bought a ticket! In the morning I went to work, it was spring, it was not summer, but it was getting hot and coming to work, in the office I just wanted to open the window, and there the curtains, I opened wide and did not hesitate to hear something fly from above, instead of moving away, I lifted my head up and was hit by a curtain that flew from a height of 3 meters straight on the upper lip. I was filled with horror. As I go, it's even frightening to imagine what my mouth will be like. In a panic I call my mother. She calmly advises me: to find soda to dissolve it with water and all day to keep a cold soda compress on the site of the bruise - well, I did so, all day dipped in a soda solution a handkerchief and held until it became warm and again dipped, soda poured a cup of tea than a teaspoon, for fidelity. I went home without any swelling, my lip was not inflated! Only light blue and dry lips (from soda) reminded about what had happened, next day almost nothing remained.
4. In the same way, she removed the swelling on the eyelids from the sting of the bee, at the dad's daddy had beehives and I was bitten by the bee in the upper eyelid, my mother carefully removed the sting and also did the soda compress, so nothing happened, the pain subsided, the edema did not appear, to work morning went beauty))) then worked in the police and with a swollen eye from the heart it would amuse the whole composition of the department and no one would believe that it is a bee. but soda helped.

Well, about the milkwoman, masks, cooking and so on I will not write and wrote so much about it.
Soda is an excellent universal and affordable for everyone! Can still what-thread there are methods of application - I will not be surprised.