Edema of the walls of the vagina

Hyperplasia of the vagina - edema of the vaginal wall under the influence of estrogen.

Synonyms: edema of the vagina; prolapse of the vagina; prolapse of the folds of the vagina.

Hyperplasia of the vagina develops under thethe effect of estrogen on the vaginal wall during the period of proestrus and estrus. The disease is not regarded as hereditary, although a predisposition in some breeds of dogs has been revealed.

Vaginal hyperplasia is found only for dogs, more often observed in young females during estrus and prone to recurrence in subsequent periods of proestrus and estrus.

Depending on the features of edema of the vaginal walls, clinical manifestations can be divided into three groups:

1. Weak degree of hyperplasia, edematous masses remain within the vagina and are determined only with vaginal palpation. Probably development of swelling of the perianal region.

2. Protrusion of the folds of the vaginal mucosa through the vulva. In dogs, the ventral zone of the vagina is most prone to swelling located cranial to the urethral tubercle, and this type of hyperplasia occurs most often.

3. Generalized edema of the vaginal walls with protrusion along the entire circumference together with the urethra (in the form of a donut).

Other likely clinical manifestations include pronounced licking of the perineal zone, disturbances of urination (dysuria, strangury, pollakiuria), difficulties in conducting the mating.

The diagnosis is based on the characteristic clinical manifestations.

• Neoplasms of the vagina.
• Loss of the uterus.

Treatment of the choice of this disease -ovariohysterectomy, which prevents the manifestations of the disease in the future (eliminates the source of estrogen). To avoid the formation of a syndrome of false persistence and excessive intraoperative bleeding, the operation is optimally performed after the termination of estrus (diestrus). Before the operation, it is possible to use various palliative methods, such as moisturizing and toilet of fallen mass, the application of temporary circular sutures to the vagina and the prevention of self-induced trauma through the Elizabethan collar. Vaginal protrusion is resolved by itself after the termination of estrus.

In some cases, probably excision of edematoustissues, this type of treatment can be carried out in valuable animals in the pedigree, with significant devitalization of the fallen out tissues and to prevent secondary fibrosis.

As a conservative treatment is likely the use of hormone therapy to reduce estrogen levels and stop estrus (progesterone pro).