Edema in the trachea

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Hello. The second day my throat hurts. No temperature. Day almost does not hurt, but when you go to bed it starts to swell and hurt so that when swallowing there is a strong pain that gives into your ear. It is impossible to sleep and to remove the pain, too, does not work. Neither anginal spray, nor strepsils nor rinses give anything. The throat is red (there are no abscesses with angina), white coating on the tongue, tonsils are enlarged and they hurt when touched. It's useless to go to the precinct, where the old lady sits for a hundred years at lunch.

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Zdravsvtuyte! Perhaps you have scarlet fever. Although it is difficult to judge without seeing the clinical picture first hand. It is necessary to consult an infectious disease specialist.
p. S. Be healthy.

Hello. And how to treat scarlet fever? Can eat any national means? Thank you

In this case, the treatment is remotely givenit is incorrect, because tonsillitis (angina) is a serious pathology requiring constant medical control. Scarlet fever is treated in the same way as any other bacterial aetiology (antibiotics of the penicillin series, protected-aminopenicillins, metasome antiseptic agents, and anti-inflammatory agents are preferred).
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