Swelling in cellulite

Cellulite: Causes and mechanisms

More recently, the problem of cellulite was notsuch an acute problem. Completeness, obesity and as a means of solving these problems - diet, active way of life - that was the main theme of publications in magazines and other publications. Studies have shown that fatness and obesity are not always accompanied by cellulite, which, it turns out, is found even in lean and slender women. What is cellulite and what causes cellulite? ?

Externally, the cjululit appears in the fatty depositsin the most "problem" places - hips, abdomen, the inner surface of the hands and feet. The skin loses its elasticity, becomes flabby, bumps appear, areas with the effect of "orange peel". Cellulite is often accompanied by swelling. Needless to say, these areas of the body look very unattractive, which can not help but worry the woman. By the way, cellulite is most often found in women, which is due to a number of reasons.

Experts point out a variety of causes of cellulite. Poor blood supply to problem areas whensedentary lifestyle, with increasing weight increases the rate of fat accumulation in adipocytes. Improper nutrition with a predominance of fats and carbohydrates, stress, bad habits (smoking - the accumulation of toxins in the body) disrupt the normal functioning of the body, which can lead to the launch of a cellulite mechanism. Infectious diseases, hormonal disorders can also cause cellulite. The situation can be aggravated by hereditary predisposition.

To determine the approaches to the treatment of cellulite, it is necessary to consider the features of the progress of this process at the cellular-molecular level.

Cellulite is much more correctly called "lipodystrophy ", Since its development is based on accumulationlipids (fats) fatty claths in a certain layer of skin (hypodermis). A hypoderm is a layer of skin that is located behind the epidermis (the uppermost layer), the basal membrane and the dermis.

The mechanism of cellulite It starts when a balance breakdown occursbetween the synthesis of lipids and their splitting. Physicians use the term "hypertrophy of adipocytes" - an increase in the cells of the hypodermis (adipocytes) and the content of lipids in them. In cellulite, unlike obesity, fat accumulates unevenly in adipocytes. It is for this reason that cellulite also occurs in lean, and does not always occur in full people. Permeability of membranes of adipocytes is violated, the fat is locked in a cell in which lipid synthesis continues, but the process of their effective cleavage into glycerin and fatty acids with subsequent release from the cell does not occur.

The functioning of other cells also changeshypodermis - fibroblasts. They are fat accumulation and collagen synthesis, fibrous tissue proliferates and thickens, the connecting partitions of which promote the formation of dense fatty capsules. A certain part of enlarged lobules of adipocytes invades the upper layers of the skin (membrane and epidermis), forming areas with the effect of "orange peel".

Edema in cellulite caused by a violationfunctioning of the potassium-sodium pump of cell membranes and an increase in the concentration of "hygroscopic" polysaccharides of glucosaminoglycans that just bind and hold water molecules.

Why cellulite is affected by certain partsbody? The fact is that the accumulation and removal of fats in adipocytes occurs through the work of alpha and beta adrenoreceptors, which are located on the cell membrane. The formation of fat is due to alpha receptors, β-receptors are responsible for the cleavage. It is established that in certain (problematic) sites of alpha-receptors much more than beta receptors (for example, the abdominal region), and these are the areas that suffer the most in cellulite.

Why men have cellulite is muchless often than women? The main reason is the initially larger volume of adipose tissue in the beautiful sex in the body. Differences are also observed in the structure of subcutaneous fat. The vertical arrangement of the beams separating the fat cells in women leads to the formation of large accumulations of acipocytes. The appearance of the "orange peel" is observed when there is an excessive accumulation of these cells on the surface of the skin.
Subcutaneous fat layer in representatives of a strongThe floor is much thinner, the bundles are arranged in the form of a network of intersecting fibers, and the accumulations of fat cells usually have smaller dimensions, and they are less pressed together. Of great importance are also the features of the hormonal background of men, different from the female, and the greater thickness of the skin, which under such conditions is less prone to the formation of unevenness.

Literate treatment of cellulite is based on the knowledge of the biological basis of the mechanism of this process and the identification of the immediate causes of the disease. Modern medicine can offer a variety of cellulite treatment methods . Mesotherapy is very popular, in particular.

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