Edema from prednisolone

Chronic diseases: Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, motor-sensory with tetraparesis: lung in hands, moderate in the legs, with sensitive fallouts, IHD, Angina pectoris, Bronchial asthma, duodenal ulcer, Hypertension 3 tbsp., Chronic heart failure 2A st. FC 2. and so on.

Hello! At my disease, Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, to me have appointed or nominated prednisolonum, to drink on 4 tab. At 7 am and 2 am at 11 am, every other day. Send strong swelling, on the face, on the legs. Earlier I drank in the morning 1 tab. Diver and 3 tab. Veroshpirona. But due to the fact that I constantly fall potassium, the neurologist has canceled the diver. While lying in the hospital there was no edema. May 8 I was discharged and now my legs have become like tombstones, well, about the face, I know that it is rounded. But my legs bother me. And without that, I barely move them, because of the disease, and then there are these edemas. I do not know, can I drink a diiver again? Or run to the doctor to run?

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Do not get me wrong, but somehow it's wrong to meinterfere with the medical process and teach doctors who observe you for a long time. The only thing I can say is that an increase in the dose of prednisolone may give edema. You can try to stop them by increasing the dose of veroshpiron to 6 tablets a day, if there is no effect, you will have to return to furosemide preparations, but against the background of potassium preparations. It's not asparkam or panangin, but potassium chloride inside or intravenously. A diet rich in potassium is mandatory. All this should be coordinated with your doctors, including learning about the possibility of transferring from Prednisolone to a similar drug, it may also help to get rid of edema. But you can not put up with swelling.
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