Edema in the nostril

I have a problem - a sore in the nose. A bit caught a cold, a runny nose appeared and a sore appeared around the nostrils, if pressed, then it hurts, with a diameter of 5 mm and dense to the touch. The sore did not bother, except that with a cold it was a bit painful to blow your nose. Already forgot about it, but recently found that the sore rose above about 1-1.5 cm (slightly below the point where the nose is on the glasses).
The sore itself does not hurt, there are no suppurations, i.e. hurts only with pressure.
Do not tell me what could be the matter?
Thanks in advance
Yours faithfully,

Hello, I always have goats in my nose and are very firm and hurt if I click on my nose. in the evening I will bleat, and in the morning a full nose and painfully vysmarkivatsya.
(they are in the form of sores but inside the nose) Thank you Довивидания

Hello, I have a problem with my nose.I can not cure him. I went to Laura, she said inflammation, she prescribed treatment, she did not help. I have a cold, then sneezing, I do not breathe my nose. When pressing on the bridge of my nose, it's not painful. When I just drink something cold or freeze, immediately zakladyvaet.Esli I drink hot tea or I'm warm, then I can breathe easily. I go out on the street, at once a lot of snot is formed in my nose, only bright, I blow my nose and in general they do not bother me in the street. Sometimes the crusts formed after the snot. At me suspicion of allergic or vasomotor rhinitis, and at work speaking yat that is possible or probable a genyantritis, but at a genyantritis in fact the nose in general is hammered and the nose should hurt or be ill; be sick in the field of a nose bridge. Advise me treatment and tell or say to me that with my nose.

Savchuk Oleg Vladimirovich 02/08/2012 00:07

Do CT paranasal sinuses. Eliminate the curvature of the septum of the nose, polyposis of the nose, vasomotor rhinitis, etc. Spray fliksonaze ​​or (nazoneks, avamis, nasobek) in the nose 2 times a day, for a month. It will not help, then perhaps surgical treatment will be necessary. See http://lorsav.ru/vazomotornyi-rinit and the main one. Mark the answer or click the "Thank you" button next to the photo.

Hello, today I felt a little painin the nose. It's not difficult to breathe, there is no pain, only in the nose itself did some nonsense appear. I do not even know what to call, something like a pimple. Recently after the illness, there is a runny nose.
I read about all nasal diseases, there are no symptoms at all, but I'm still worried. What could it be? Maybe the edema?