Swelling of the patella

Yurkov Grigory Sergeevich
Husband. 41 years old.
Russia Abakan

To me 41 year, diagnosed an old trauma of a meniscus -
rupture of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus.
Resection of the meniscus was carried out on 8.04.14, on 3-4 days was
a puncture was performed, and physiotherapy
ultraviolet 5 sessions.
The knee successfully restored its functions, and 21.04.14 I was discharged from the hospital. In addition, physiotherapy was prescribed for "magnet" and development in a dispensary. 25.04.14 additionally appointed a "laser".
27.04.14 in the evening on a walk felt tired in the knee.
28.04.14 edema appeared above the knee cap (approximately as before the puncture). The physio was told that after the "laser" this happens, but it is necessary to continue. 30.04.14 turned to the physiotherapist - "laser" was canceled, it did not happen to the traumatologist.
Tell me what to do - the edema does not decrease yet
(I'm putting ice on), before that I went down almost at ease on the stairs - now the mobility of the knee is difficult.
Yours faithfully, Grigory.