Knee injury edema

In this article, you will learn everything about the bruise of the knee. You will learn how to treat a knee injury, what to do, first aid with a knee injury, what consequences there may be, etc. Do not forget that a knee injury is very dangerous, you can stop walking because of this, do not let things go by themselves. Knee injury treatment requires unequivocal, as you will read about in the article, just look at the photo.

Knee injury is one of the most commoninjuries, which is a frequent occurrence not only in adults, but also in the youngest children. Starting from a certain age of a person, this type of injury represents a rather serious danger to the health of the body. Many people simply do not understand how much everything can be serious, especially if the trauma occurs with various complications. There are situations when even the most banal knee injury consequences are extremely unpleasant. For example, a few years after the person received foot injury . he can not walk or feels strongjoint pain. Unfortunately, prevention of contusions does not exist, but this can be successfully managed with the help of timely and proper treatment. To see the bruise of the knee, photos are presented on various medical sites. The view is extremely unpleasant, but it can help in the future to assess the degree of damage, if this happens to you or your loved ones.

Many believe that when the knee injury occurstreatment will not create any difficulties. In fact - it's not at all, because the joints can be damaged for a variety of reasons. As a rule, a diagnosis injuries put the method of excluding all kinds of injuries,which are more serious in nature. To diagnose different methods are used, very often x-rays of the knee in two projections, which gives the most informative result. In most cases, palpation is impossible, because of severe pain.

Causes and main symptoms

It is not uncommon for a knee injury in a child thatdue to the high activity of the younger generation. The main cause of this injury is a fall on the knee or when a person hits something. Even a regular jogging can seriously damage the knee joint. Many are familiar with the fall on the ice in winter, where the knee and elbow joints are most often damaged. In turn, a knee injury can occur if the tibia is tilted excessively to the side, which leads to a rupture of the ligaments. Particularly affected by this problem are people involved in sports such as football, parkour (street acrobatics), athletes, martial arts and many others.
The very first and typical symptom is a sharplocalized pain, which in some cases is simply unbearable. Swelling of the knee joint and a specific color change in the area of ​​trauma are noted. Tumescence appears as a result of the formation of hemarthrosis (hemorrhage in the joint), with damage to blood vessels. The restriction of the joint in the usual movements is traced, which is clearly hampered by very severe pain. A severe knee injury can cause temporary loss of consciousness, due to pain shock.

First aid with a knee injury

First aid for a knee injury is inthe following: to provide maximum protection to the affected joint, excluding even the most minor loads. An effective method in this situation is the use of cold. Cold procedures lead to vasospasm, which reduces the scale of internal hemorrhage. It is very important to stop the build-up of hemarthrosis, because the hematoma squeezes the nerve endings and creates intense pain sensations. If the incident occurred on the street and movement in the limbs is severely limited, you need to call an ambulance. Before the arrival of doctors, you need to sit on a bench and raise your injured leg as high as possible to reduce the flow of blood. Primary methods of treatment greatly influence the further effectiveness of recovery, so do not neglect even a second.

Knee injury what to do? Any knee injury requires careful treatment andspecial approach. In the presence of a strong pain syndrome, under the supervision of a doctor, anesthesia is carried out with various medications. As a rule, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are used: Ketanov, Diclofenac, Analgin, and others. You can use a different ointment from bruises . To remove swelling and reduce pain, the doctor conductspuncture of the knee joint and sucking up the accumulated blood. Next, a fixing bandage is applied, which will limit movement and will warm the damaged area. If you do not know the exact diagnosis, do not self-medicate, as this can lead to various complications.

The first days after injury are recommended to limitany movements in the joint, so that it is more quickly restored. With such a trauma, the rehabilitation period is very long, because the knee is a movement. But, it can be corrected by applying various healing procedures. For example, the patient is prescribed physiotherapy. As an aid, various ointments containing anti-inflammatory and analgesic components also serve: Traumeel C, arthroactive, fastum gel, ferbedone, Lyoton and others. For rapid healing of the knee joint, chondroprotective agents are also used: gel and Collagen Ultra cream. The question of how to treat a knee injury can be successfully answered by folk medicine. It can be ointments based on pork fat with the addition of plantain leaves. You can apply ointment based on a saber.
Typically, a knee injury requires 2 to 3 weeks for normal recovery. In more severe cases, the rehabilitation period is significantly increased. So take care of yourself!

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