The ear hurts swelling

Svetlana Sage (10515), closed 5 years ago

It is a pity that you did not specify who exactly hurts: in an adult or child. It all depends on how much the inflammation (pain relievers and anti-inflammatory drugs "Otipaks", "Anauran"), whether the integrity of the tympanic membrane is broken (if there is a perforation, you can use only ear drops Polidex). Perhaps it makes sense to take antibiotics inside, sometimes even prescribe injections. In any case, an adequate treatment can be prescribed only by the attending physician, so do not pull it, because the inflammation can go into a chronic form or a complication occurs.
Good luck and health.

Svetlana Mudrets (10515) 5 years ago

adult .. as a child suffered otitis with a partial hearing loss .. recently began to wear the machine and rubbed it apparently ..

Lulu Profi (694) Then, if possible, letwill remove the device for a while. If you feel better, then really rubbed it. Although I do not think that the device can provoke inflammation. In any case, to alleviate the condition try "Otypaks", they are the safest, even the children are assigned a small one.

DDD Oracul (94929) 5 years ago

drip alcohol with only a heater in your hand, a pipette with alcohol and plug the fleece

Tatyana Timofeeva Orakul (69760) 5 years ago

Alcohol in the ear can not be dripped. you can get a burn of the tympanic membrane. It's from the open area of ​​the body that alcohol evaporates quickly, and in the ear it will be for a while.

DDD The Oracle (94929) used the child and I've been using myself for 20 years, the hearing is excellent even very much, I hear what I do not need to sometimes hear Th used to be a paramedic

Lipa jo Enlightened (42985) 5 years ago

If there is geranium, then crumple the sheet and put on the night in the ear by the morning everything will pass.

Tatyana Timofeeva Orakul (69760) 5 years ago

Geranium does not give anything. There is geranium aromatic (it never blooms) I do not know the name. Here is this geranium for ear diseases.

Yana Expert (278) 5 years ago

It can be anything, otitis for example. It is better to see a doctor for personal peace, and then suddenly what.

Marina Golovchenko Master (2034) 5 years ago

wait for it to him

Tatyana Timofeeva Orakul (69760) 5 years ago

And you threaten with otitis, which gives a complication, ending in deafness. I am the mother of a deaf child (another reason). but in this society (deaf) for many years. And I know cases of deafness from otitis.

Svetlana Mudrets (10515) 5 years ago

he already had it in his childhood and the hearing is lost almost ..

Eugene Guru (3205) 5 years ago

Buy in the pharmacy drops Anauran and Amoxiclav tablets 500mg. Anauran drip 2 drops 3 times a day. Amoxiclav take inside 1tab 2 times a day

Andrei Tumanov Pupil (156) 5 years ago

a tampon soaked in honey for the night.

Nelya Gusev Guru (3022) 5 years ago

If possible, attach the clay behind the earcotton rag. Dissolve until sour and wrap as a dove. Hold the hour and this portion of clay can no longer be used. It helps

Aida Khabibullina Expert (360) 5 years ago

if the ear blew, then you need dry heat. heat salt in a frying pan wrap in a towel and attach to the ear to warm

DDD Oracul (94929) 5 years ago

there is edema and mohgi next, do not advise warming the brain is fraught, and if there is pus?

Marina Balashova Master (1491) 5 years ago

in hospital it is necessary, an edema, a head all the same

Gennady Davydov Mudrets (12856) 5 years ago

It is better to go to the doctor, but to obezbalivaniya drip otypaks. But to the doctor it is necessary podhodit-can even in a hospital, t. To. Policlinics do not work on Sundays

Nina Dolgopolova The Thinker (6508) 5 years ago

it's dangerous to call in your ear

Pavel Mescherin Pupil (119) 5 years ago

I had this.
Take boric alcohol and bury it in your ear and massage your finger gently inside.

Tatyana Timofeeva Orakul (69760) 5 years ago

To drip in an ear alcohol it is impossible. Well, you give such advice. From boric alcohol you can do only a compress on the ear.

South night! Master (1692) 5 years ago

If there is no temperature, then. drops in the ear-otipax, in / m cefotoksim-3-5 days. To heat an ear with a blue lamp (if there is no temperature, if there is, then 2 a / b at least, and drops in the ear, plus vitamin therapy, antihistamines-tavegil, suprastin, Erius)

Causa Sui Mudrets (16660) 5 years ago

Rinse with hydrogen peroxide, then wipe with a tampon with tincture of calendula and smear with ointment. Propoceum (with propolis).

Alcoholic compress for the night (just do not burn the skin), and most importantly, the drop "OTIPAX" is an excellent remedy, tested.

Good luck, and a speedy recovery.