Remove the swelling of hemorrhoids

Posted on: 08 Apr 2015 at 09:37

People who have a venous diseaseexpansion of the anorectal area, may occur with such a symptom. as an edema. With hemorrhoids, it can manifest as a result of thrombosis or necrosis. Such signs are characteristic for the acute stage of the disease.

Acute thrombosis is associated with the occurrence of spasmsanal opening. In this case, blood circulation in the nodes (external and internal, dropped out) is disturbed. Stagnation of blood provokes an increase in cones to such a size that it is no longer possible to insert them back. In this case, edema of the tissues of the anorectal region may occur. What should I do in this case and how to relieve swelling in hemorrhoids? Initially, you need to see a doctor for expert advice, professional diagnostics and an experienced assessment. The doctor will appoint the necessary set of medical measures.

There is almost no edema in chronic formailment, but can occur after surgery. As a result of the manifestation of his symptoms, the patient is concerned about the slight discomfort associated with a sense of severity or the presence of a foreign object in the affected area. This feeling causes a desire to carry out the act of defecation, but the emptying of the intestine does not occur. Such situations often occur with the development of edema. At first it may be insignificant and often occurs as a result of the use of medications (Fleming's ointment, Gepatrombin G or Indomethacin Berlin-Chemie candles). Remove the edema with hemorrhoids can also be done with drugs in the form of tablets - Escuzan 20.

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In the case of chronic hemorrhoids, edema can occur as a result of the prolapse of hemorrhoids to the outside. This process is also associated with frequent bleeding and mucus secretion.

Exacerbation of a chronic disease leads to a number of complications. By the degree of manifestation of edema, three phases can be distinguished:

  • Thrombosis. It flows without inflammation of the hemorrhoids.
  • Sharpened thrombosis. It is characterized by the manifestation of inflammatory processes, which are accompanied by minor bleeding.
  • A common thrombosis. Signs of the third phase is peri-oral swelling of the skin and mucous membrane of the anorectal zone and inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.

Another reason for this symptomis surgical intervention, namely removal of hemorrhoids by means of hemorrhoidectomy according to Milligan-Morgan (excision of nodes with a special instrument). In this case, edema after removal of hemorrhoids appears in every second patient. It is formed on the elastic tissues and mucous membrane of the anorectal region. Under the supervision of doctors, postoperative puffiness passes quite quickly. For its elimination, medicinal agents of several pharmacological groups are used (phlebotrophic preparations - Detralex tablets, glucocorticosteroids - Ourobin ointment, Proctosedil).

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