Swelling in the dream

If you dream edema and you want to know what dreams of edema, then first of all you need to turn to the meaning of the word Edema:

Accumulation of excess fluid in the tissues of the foot.

Dreams of edema - you expect changes in your personallife. In a dream Edema means that soon a person will appear in your life, the connection with which will bring you many happy minutes and fill your life with a new meaning.

For a woman, a dream in which there is swelling,means that she will be given unambiguous signs of attention. For a man, this means that he will soon meet a girl who will be a good housewife, able to create coziness in the house.

If in a dream, where dreams of edema are present people,then maybe soon you will participate in a wedding celebration or a lavish birthday party. If Edema is dreaming with animals, then you are promised a meeting with an old friend or girlfriend.

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I saw my face, looked at myself, like a faceusual, as always. In fact, I sometimes do not have large bags under my eyes. But, in a dream, I saw under my bags still second bags. When I noticed them, they at once seemed to have glass and disappeared cleanly. I felt this snake, liquid in a dream, the liquid left as if from under the skin, that is, through the cheeks down. And everything was gone, My old face remains. Thanks for the noble attention!

Hello!About 4 weeks ago, my mother had a strong swelling of the left hand, she was some formless blurred like "fish milk." Today I dreamed that my mother had swollen shoulder to the left, there were bumps on his chest and his hand was a red-brown color of fresh bruise, I suggested an ambulance, but she refused, and so I try to call to consult with my doctors, but I can not get through. After glancing at my mother after unsuccessful attempts to get through, I see that she has all swollen fingers turned out of the swelling, the body is uneven vague - a terrible dream. She starts to shake she can not say anything, points to the right side in the lower abdomen. I wake up in a cold sweat.

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