Allergies to relieve swelling

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Scourge braids. Mudrets (12891) 7 years ago

First of all, contact with the allergen is eliminated.

Cold compresses reduce itching and burning ineyes. edema. The allergy manifests itself in different ways. It can be a rash, coughing, sneezing, swelling. Some people start to water their eyes. Most of all, the allergy causes in those cases when it suddenly appears.

When an acute allergic reaction is necessary immediatelyeliminate allergen exposure. For example, with food allergies, try to induce vomiting, while pollen allergies - close windows, doors and windows. Then give the patient a pill of any antiallergic agent (Tavegil, Suprastin, Telfast, Fe-Nystil, Semprex, etc.) and call the doctors.

When swelling Quincke swells not only the skin, but alsosubcutaneous fatty tissue. Edema can appear in a matter of hours, even fade, changing the patient beyond recognition. Do not rub the place of edema with vegetable ointments, infusions of herbs, cologne or perfumes!

Anna Romanova The Thinker (7152) 7 years ago

Suprastin also never helps me. but ketotifen removes the swelling in one day. Verified!

Elena Vasilyeva Enlightened (22212) 7 years ago

Suprastin is a weak antihistamine. In hospitals with strong swelling do injections of diphenhydramine. Or try another clritine drink

Ptenchik 777 Genius (67330) 7 years ago

Eye mask
steam a half of grated potatoes with a decoction of parsley, celery
to drip there vegetable oil,
all this - on pieces of gauze and on the eyes for half an hour before bed, you can and throughout the day, edema, bruises, fine wrinkles go away
still bags of green tea, cold, put on for 5-10 minutes.
Stained in the eyes Cromoglycan or analog (antiallergic)
Change the antihistamine drug (they are now many different in the pharmacy), you have already become accustomed to suprastin, since the swelling does not go away.

Svetlana Burova The Thinker (9366) 7 years ago

drink Cetrin 1 time per day I know swims quickly and only takes a few days