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Intracellular edema of basal andthorny layers (vacuolar degeneration, turbid swelling) - a process accompanied by an increase in the size of spiny cells, the appearance in their cytoplasm of the smallest vacuoles (as it were granularity). In this case, the nucleus of cells decreases picnotically, loses the sharpness of the boundaries, is poorly colored and hardly visible under the microscope. In addition, the contours of individual cells are blurred. A variety of intracellular - more deeply entered edema is perinuclear vacuolization, or vacuolar dystrophy. With it, the vacuole is located near the nucleus of the cell, as a result of which a cavity is formed around it, in most cases in the form of a half moon. Sometimes the vacuole is localized in the nucleus, and then it can increase, and occasionally turns into a vesicle.

Vacuolar degeneration of basal cellsis observed with red flat lice, lupus erythematosus, sclerotic and atrophic lichen, toxic melanoderma, Ryla melanosis, "pigment incontinence". It can lead to subepidermal blisters.

A.T. Sosnovsky, N.S. Yagovdik

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