Swelling of the coccyx

The way of life of modern man has changed, forIn recent years, the number of diseases associated with hypodynamia and sedentary lifestyle has increased significantly. One of these diseases, which were previously described as casuistic (that is, abstract, private, rare cases), is the inflammation of the coccyx.

Clinical manifestations of inflammation in the coccyx

This disease is characterized by one leadingsymptom, which is pain in the lower spine. Pain patients describe differently, depending on the cause that causes inflammation of the coccyx. These can be dull, aching pains or, on the contrary, patients describe a similar condition as if they were sitting on a stake. Pain can appear or increase with a change in the position of the body, when turning in a dream.

Sometimes in the coccyx may be observedredness of the skin, swelling, irritation and hypersensitivity. All of the above symptoms require a referral to the specialist so that he can establish the cause of the pain, sometimes inflammation can be not just an independent disease, but a symptom of a more serious illness, for example, if the coccyx cyst develops.

The causes that lead to inflammation of the coccyx.

All the causes that cause inflammation of the coccyx can be divided into two:

  • Causes associated directly with the processes developing in this area, that is, the disease of the coccyx.
  • Diseases that indirectly affect the development of the coccyx inflammation.

So, the first group includes:

      1. Hypodinamy,</ li>
      2. Sidic way of life,</ li>
      3.Bole in the coccyx during pregnancy,</ li>
      4. Injury of the sacrum,</ li>
      5. The tailbone.</ li>
    </ li>

The second group includes:

      1. Injuries of other parts of the spine,</ li>
      2. Heavy physical activity,</ li>
      3. The disturbance of metabolism,</ li>
      4. Processes developing with aging of the body,</ li>
      5. Injury of the sciatic nerve,</ li>
      6.General supercooling,</ li>
      7. Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary sphere,</ li>
      8. Diseases of the rectum,</ li>
      9.Infectional lesions of the bone system.</ li>
    </ li>

Seeing a huge list of reasons that canlead to the development of inflammation in the coccyx. It is worth remembering that the symptoms of the coccygeal fracture and the clinic of the same cyst are similar, and basically the pain syndrome appears, which is often the only manifestation of any of the aforementioned diseases.

As a result of untreated inflammation, suppuration of the coccyx may develop, which in turn leads to the formation of:

Treatment of the disease will depend on the cause: that is, if the inflammation is a secondary disease, then it is necessary to treat the underlying disease simultaneously with the local treatment.

Treatment of the inflammation of the coccyx should be complex, appoint:

      1. Pain-relieving drugs, the forms of administration will depend on the severity of the pain syndrome: topical application, tablets, injections or local anesthesia.</ li>
      2. NSAID not only relieve pain syndrome, but also inflammation, swelling of the coccyx.</ li>
      3. Preparations that relieve muscle tension.</ li>
      4.If there is no damage to the skin, then a massage is shown.</ li>
      5. Physiotherapy.</ li>
      6. You can use popular methods.</ li>
    </ li>

Treating coccyx folk remedies:

      1. It is recommended to do a compress with medical propolis.</ li>
      2. Compress from butter and tar.</ li>
      3.Lukovye compresses.</ li>
      4. Compress from wormwood.</ li>
      5. Compress from plantain.</ li>
    </ li>

All these methods are aimed at the removal of painsyndrome and edema reduction, that is, are symptomatic treatment. Therapy of the underlying disease must necessarily be prescribed by a doctor, so that the process of inflammation of the coccyx does not give complications. You can apply compresses for as long as you like, but if there is no pathogenetic therapy, that is, one that affects the mechanism of inflammation itself, then the result of such treatment is difficult to expect.

The purpose of any medication should bejustified, even if it's just grass. It is worth taking seriously this disease, because the development of complications may require surgical treatment. Complications of inflammation of the coccyx may in turn give further complications, for example, in the case of pyoderma, it is sepsis.