Articular edema

Edema in the ankle in arthrosis,infections, vascular problems, indicates the accumulation of fluid in the tissues around it. Excess fluid is determined by pressing your finger on the swollen area, after which the groove is retained for some time.

When the ankle swelling is diagnosed, treatment can involve a wide variety of methods.

How to start treatment

  • In the case of an ankle injury, the degree of swelling is not related to the severity of the lesion. Moreover, a fracture of the ankle gives less swelling than tension.
  • In the absence of fracture, no overlap is requiredgypsum. But immediately it is necessary to apply cold and to provide the joint with immobility by a specialized elastic bandage or an ankle fixer. If the latch is selected correctly, then during the movement there will be no repeated subluxation of the joint.
  • The patient's leg should be kept in a raised positionposition. On the injured area should put the ice, wrapping it in a towel, at least for half an hour. If the puffiness does not subside, then the ice should be applied for the next few hours with a 15-minute break each time for half an hour.
  • Of the drugs effectively use the gel "Troxevasin", which should be rubbed into the ankle once a day.

If there is deforming swelling of the anklejoint, massage is prescribed. Experienced masseur makes kneading in the following sequence: first the segments of the spine, then the muscles of the thighs and lower leg, then the foot and toes.

This improves tissue metabolism. Further the masseur does massage of the muscles nearest to an ankle joint by a method of grinding and stroking. This eliminates the mechanical irritation of the joint capsule. As a result, there is a reduction in pain muscle spasm, an increase in the tone of weak muscle groups. At the same time, special attention is paid to the massage of the gastrocnemius muscles, ankles and the area of ​​the calcaneal tendon.

In more simple cases, edema can be carried outself-massage. You should massage your feet every day from your fingers upwards with a hard towel or two brushes with medium-stiff bristles. Legs are ground with circular synchronous movements from the feet and up to the hips. Massage should be continued until the skin reddens. Then lubricate it with vegetable oil or a special foot cream.

How to remove edema by traditional medicine

There is a great deal of practice in healingThe use of natural remedies for the removal of edema of the feet. Some eliminate the puffiness, which has arisen after significant loads, others lead to normal water-salt metabolism. There are recommendations for improving the kidneys, cardiovascular system, liver, which affects the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body.

  • The benefits of ice have already been mentioned. Especially it is palpable when the ice is prepared from the infusion of the flowers of the field cornflower, chamomile, sage leaf, yarrow herb.
  • If by the evening there is a strong edema in the areaankle, it is good to take foot baths from the herbs: horsetail, sage, chamomile. Dry grass (100 g) is poured hot water (1 L) and boiled for 15 minutes on a quiet fire. It is insisted for 45 minutes and filtered. This infusion is diluted with warm water (3-4 liters).

However, with thrombophlebitis it is not recommended to steam out your legs.

  • When there is swelling in the anklehelps drink a decoction of flax seed. On a liter of water - four tablespoons of flaxseed. Ingredients boil for about 15 minutes, then insist an hour in a warm place. To drink it is better in a hot kind in day on 6-8 times on a half-glass, with two-hour breaks. The taste of the broth can be improved by any fresh fruit juice (lemon). The appearance of a positive result can be expected in two weeks.

Folk remedies in the fight against edema of internal origin

The ankle joint can become swollen with internal diseases. For such cases, traditional medicine offers a wide choice of means.

  • Collection of liver pathologies with edema and dysfunctionblood circulation. Make a mixture of spring adonis (20 g), yarrow (30 g), field horsetail (30 g), celandine (20 g). The mixture (2 tbsp.) Is poured with boiled hot water (a glass). The water bath is heated for 15 minutes. After 45 minutes it is filtered, then squeezed. The resulting infusion should be brought to a volume of 200 ml by adding boiled water. Receive twice a day for half a glass, half an hour before meals.
  • Edema of cardiac nature is removed by tincture from birch buds. It is obtained from the kidneys (20 g) in 100 ml of alcohol (70%). After three weeks, squeeze. After filtration is stored in the dark.
  • With cardiovascular failure with swellinglegs helps a diuretic collection of birch (50 g), brown hips (25 g), field harness (25 g). Mix the mixture (2 tbsp.) With boiled hot water (a glass) and put in hot water for 15 minutes (without heating). After 45 minutes, squeeze out. Infusion of boiled water is brought to 200 ml of volume. Take one quarter cups a day three times.

Products useful for edema

  • In diseases of the kidneys and the heart, an indispensable means for removing fluid from the body is watermelon. According to dieticians, you can eat up to 2.5 kg of watermelon a day.
  • Effective diuretic with renaledemas - grape juice. It should be drunk an hour before meals three times a day. Start with a half-glass, and after a month and a half, take two glasses.
  • Useful products for swelling of the legs are also pumpkin, cucumber, parsley.

With swelling of the ankle, especially in the case ofthe diagnosed diseases of the heart, lungs, kidneys, the doctor can prescribe diuretics, i.e. diuretic preparations. They reduce the level of fluid in the body, but at the same time wash out the potassium necessary for the work of the heart. In this case, you need to consume more products containing potassium, for example, apricots, pumpkins, dried apricots, apples, watermelons, zucchini, milk, raisins.

In the diet, you can independently limit the amount of salt and drinking water you consume. In the absence of contraindications it is useful to drink herbal teas with jasmine, cranberries, cranberries, mint, lemon.

It is not recommended to stand for long or sit. A good result is the wearing of elastic special medical tights or stockings, which contribute to reducing edema.

To reduce foot fatigue, you need to dostrengthening gymnastics. First, balancing on one leg, then on the other. This is done several times. Such an exercise restores blood circulation in the legs.

For women, a special order - to exclude shoes with high heels. Health is more important than external beauty. You can always pick up no less elegant shoes with a low heel.

Ankle joint returns to normalin about ten days. However, full recovery can occur only after 4-6 weeks. When practicing at this time, the gymnastics should bandage the ankle joint. However, if you return too early to a full load, the bandage will not save you from the next injury. Be patient in treatment.

To the swelling of the ankleto take very seriously. Do not underestimate the swelling of the feet, especially if it arises from internal diseases. It is necessary to undergo a checkup in time to begin their treatment (cardiovascular system or kidneys). This will prevent the onset of a heart attack, stroke, and kidney failure.

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