Dimexide edema

Today, it is easy to find candles on the marketDimexide is a potent medical product widely used in gynecology. This drug has a number of unconditional advantages. Its antibacterial, anesthetic and anti-inflammatory properties make it possible to consider these candles as universal.

In gynecology "Dimexid" suppositories are used to treat pathological processes that have acute inflammatory and infectious nature. Most often this drug is administered when:

  • infectious diseases of the cervix;
  • infectious diseases of the vagina;
  • infectious diseases of female external genital organs.

These pathologies, accompanied by swelling of the tissues, severe itching and all kinds of secretions, can be of absolutely any origin - both viral and bacterial, as well as fungal.

Also, the drug is often used in restorative therapy, which follows radiotherapy, prescribed to patients with oncology of the female genital area.

It is important to remember that Dimexide is not an independent medication, and it is recommended to use it only during complex treatment.

Uncontrolled use of the drug is fraught with the emergence of all sorts of complications. That's why patients are advised to get advice from an experienced gynecologist.

The effect of this drug on the treatment of prostaglandins is based.

Candles "Dimexide" contribute to reducing edema of internal tissues and secretions. In addition, under the influence of this drug, burning and itching also become much less.

Also this drug promotespainless carrying through the skin of other medications that were previously dissolved in it. Due to the unique properties of the drug, the effectiveness of other drugs is much higher.

It is important to know that this has not onlyfavorable, but also negative consequences. Adverse effects can include the occurrence of side effects, formed against the background of increased exposure to drugs.

Candles "Dimexide" are prescribed for treatment:

  • chronic cystitis;
  • chronic prostatitis;
  • acute prostatitis.

The main feature of these unpleasant diseasesis that at the very beginning they proceed unnoticed. Gradual increase is accompanied by a change in local and general immunity - the body more and more loses the ability to resist.

The main symptoms of these pathologies should beto refer painful sensations and occurrence of problems when urinating. These symptoms are associated with the appearance of inflammation in the tissues. Against this background, there is a real threat of impaired function of organs and growth of scar tissue.

This drug is able to have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect, which promotes the stimulation of immunity.

Due to the removal of the edema formed ontissues, in patients the pain syndrome disappears and urination normalizes. In view of the fact that the drug stops the proliferation of connective tissue, dysfunctions of the prostate and bladder are safely warned.

To restore health in the acute course of urological diseases, "Dimexid" suppositories are used one at a time at night. The drug is injected into the rectum.

Before you enter a candle, you should takea warm bath. The course of treatment is 30 procedures, which are conducted daily. For complete recovery, three courses are recommended with two-month intervals.

To treat the disease of the rectum, candles "Dimexide" are widely used. This site is considered the most sensitive in the body, because it has many nerve endings.

Given that the drug hasanesthetic properties (local), the pain that occurs with cracks that form in the anus, as well as with hemorrhoids, disappears fairly quickly. Also, the use of candles is recommended when:

  • inflammation of the soft tissues surrounding the rectum;
  • inflammation of the rectum.

The drug is prescribed after the completion of the proctologic operation.

For the treatment of proctologic diseases it is customaryuse 1 candle no more than twice a day. It is recommended to repeat the procedures within 2-3 weeks. To achieve the best effect, the attending physician usually recommends adherence to a special diet.

Uncontrolled use of this medication can cause side effects. In addition, the candles "Dimexide" have a solid list of contraindications.

The drug is in no way assigned to patients:

  • with ischemic heart disease;
  • who underwent myocardial infarction;
  • having severe attacks of angina pectoris;
  • having kidney and liver diseases;
  • with acute atherosclerosis;
  • with individual intolerance;
  • with ophthalmologic diseases;
  • with a violation of blood circulation in the brain.

In addition, the drug is not assignedpregnant women and young mothers who are in the lactation period. It is not recommended to use Dimexid candles for adolescents under the age of fifteen and older women who have crossed the sixty-year mark.

To avoid risks and the occurrence of adverse consequences for both women and children, the candles "Dimexide" during pregnancy are strictly contraindicated.

In case of an overdose, the patient may experience such side effects as:

  • edema,
  • hives,
  • other allergic reactions.

In this case, use should be stopped, and the damaged area should be thoroughly rinsed and consulted for an experienced specialist.

Thanks to the unique composition, the candles "Dimexid" are well transferred. But some women often have the following symptoms:

In some cases, there are side effects such as:

If one or more disturbing symptoms occur, it is recommended not to hesitate, but as soon as possible to seek medical help.

Interaction with other drugs

If the attending physician appoints Dimexide suppositories, it is extremely important to consult with him regarding the interaction of the drug with other medicines.
This drug can enhance the actions of insulin and ethanol. Not bad "cooperates" the drug with:

  • antibacterial anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • heparin.

Keep candles "Dimexid" preferably in a place inaccessible to small children, well protected from penetration of sunlight.
Shelf life of the drug is 24 months. It is absolutely not recommended to use the medicinal product after the expiry date is over.

It is important to know that a large numberyoung ladies during the use of candles can cause such unpleasant symptoms as adynamia and severe dizziness. That is why for the period of treatment it is desirable to refrain from driving or motorcycling equipment. In addition, it is not recommended to engage in activities that require high concentration of attention.

The information is given for examination, the drug can not be taken without the appointment of a specialist.