Edema of the nostrils

The woman is 36 years old. Swarthy, dark brown hair, dark brown eyes.175 height, 62 wt. Bone wide.
Edema of the right nostril, a yellowish discharge has already appeared. Does not pass.
Started 3 days of Nazi. I swam in the sea (Alupka, 23 degrees water). I stayed there for 7 days. I did not bathe. Sometimes on the shore I felt as if there was a slight swelling of the throat and very distant pain. But my throat (the back wall is problematic in principle, so I did not pay much attention.) The thought flashed: do I get sick? I waved it off.) When I bathed, I immediately wiped myself off, put on dry clothes. But literally after half an hour or so I felt a scraping in my nose, a swelling of my right nostril. In the evening I stammed my feet, smeared with balm from the flu and sinusitis (a mixture of aromatic oils). After the foot parks it became a little easier, but still there was swelling. In the morning I almost oozed from my nose. In the evening, near the sea (cool wind, but I was warmly dressed), the swelling again intensified, and again there was a feeling of sickness, a snuff in the nose. At night and in the morning already oozed from the nose.
There is no sweating. Rather pale, as always. Not red, not pink, but usual-olive.
There are no psychological changes. Just a little angry that I was sick. There is no increased fatigue, drowsiness, irritability, helplessness .... Just an unpleasant sensation of stuffy nose. I have to blow my nose to blow out the contents. Under the nose a little flushed and inflamed, but NOT STRONG, as sometimes happens, that already burns and bright red at all.
It is exactly OTEK that surprises us. This is something new for me. Usually viruses cling to a sharp pain in the throat. And here it is ...
Shivering, as always. Although he told me that with the disease you need to eat 6 ice cream, but just for the prevention of 3 a day, but I do not want a cold on physical sensations, although psychologically I want (I like ice cream). Legs washed in the train with cold water - very unpleasant sensations in the legs and nose.
T did not measure, but on sensations it is not present and was not.
Feet and hands are warm. Not cold and not hot.
When I lie down, I do not mortgage more, like. Although psychologically I expected that it would be horizontally worse. She lays her right nostril behind her, when she lies on her left side. At night woke up, and the nose began to drip. In the morning, today the yellowish dense was coming from the nose and the throat was flowing. During the day, a colorless, sparse discharge.
Drink pleasantly warm (not hot) tea. Very nice. And I drink the water of room T without special thirst. But also thirst is not lowered.
Appetite is normal, but rather slightly lower than usual. Not exactly elevated. I want as always: meat, vegetables. Sweet you do not want, although usually do not mind (cakes, jam, honey).

The language is ordinary. Almost without a raid. In the mornings an unpleasant taste and a feeling that there is a discharge from the nose on the throat. The desire to blow off and rinse out this detachable. But I can not say what taste.
I'm not homoeopathic.
All these days (on the sea and without the Internet smeared with the aforementioned aromatic oils and splashed with the throat.) Today I came to Kiev and write to you with hope.

Very worried about swelling. Restrained, so as not to sip the vasoconstrictor (once ENT intimidated that the edema prevents the outflow from the nose, so everything goes into your ear, if not to drip - do not open the passage for the detachable).