Swelling of the knees

? pregnant women about edema

Dear moms and future moms, tell meplease, swelling is when the face turns into a "pig" with small eyes and ringlets on your hands sit tight or something else? At me here it is simple 25 week, but I even as that did not wonder about edemas, and here all pretty often about hypostases speak. At me here sometimes happens such, in the morning you will wake up and glazules are not visible almost, but after washing like all is normalized. And if it's all the same I have swelling, then what should I do with it?

Do not worry! I have 33 weeks, and there are no swelling and I hope that there will not be. Each pregnant woman is individual. Therefore, what is characteristic of one, completely different from the other! And about the face - I also sometimes have swelling under the eyes, especially if I drink the liquid before going to bed, but for a couple of hours they go by themselves. This is not a pathology, but a normal phenomenon that is peculiar not only to pregnant women, but also to any healthy people! It is dangerous when blood pressure rises, weight increases sharply, the footwear stops fastening. To avoid edema, it is necessary to exclude from the food smoked, salted, preservatives - they retain liquid in the body. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables, to drink clean water without gas for a day (paradoxically!): It removes toxins from the body. Happy pregnancy and childbirth!