Rapid edema

Edema is an excessive accumulationfluid in the tissues of the body. It can arise anywhere and anytime. And since the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive, it is the first to respond to problems in the body and therefore there is puffiness under the eyes. In this article, we will consider how to remove swelling under the eyes at home using folk remedies.

Swelling under the eyes can occur one-time,for example, after a violently spent night with alcohol, but can occur constantly. The persistence of this problem can indicate the presence of a disease that violates water-electrolyte metabolism in the body.

The causes of edema under the eyes

Causes of puffiness in the eyes can be a variety of diseases:

How to get rid of edema under the eyes

If you constantly have swelling under the eyesin the morning, then you need to go to the doctor for advice and an examination for the presence of a chronic disease. If there is no persistence and puffiness happens occasionally, then the recipes of traditional medicine will help you in the treatment of edema under the eyes.

- If you have a fresh cucumber in your house, then swellingand bags under the eyes for a long time you can not bother. A slice of cucumber put on the swelling will quickly draw out all the moisture, remove redness and soothe the delicate skin. You can also grind it on a grater and put the gruel at a problem place, or squeeze the juice, soak the cotton wool in it and use it as directed. The only drawback of this folk remedy is that the cucumber will whiten the skin a little. Therefore, if you have a tanned face, then you should take into account such bleaching.

"Do the same with raw potatoes." This is an excellent folk remedy for bags and dark circles under the eyes and also removes puffiness.

How to quickly remove swelling under the eyes

- How quickly to clean swelling under the eyes in the homeconditions of parsley? Parsley is a universal plant that is a cure for many diseases. Chop some fresh parsley and mix it with sour cream. Put this mixture on the swollen places. Improving blood circulation at the site of application, it will quickly save you from swelling.

You can also make a healing infusion from it. One tablespoon of chopped fresh parsley in a glass of boiling water and let it brew for 15 minutes. The received warm infusion make lotions on eyelids for 15 - 20 minutes. The remaining infusion is poured into molds and freeze in the freezer. With ice cubes, massage around the eyes in the mornings until they melt.

- Quickly remove swelling under the eyes to help sleeptea bags. After drinking tea, lightly wring out a bag of black or green tea, put it for a while in the refrigerator for cooling, then put it on the swelling. Hold until you get the effect.

- Excellent effect on the elimination of swelling undereyes gives blue clay, which is sold in pharmacies. Clay is treated by a large number of various diseases, it will help with swelling. A small amount of clay powder dilute warm boiled water in non-metallic dishes with a wooden stick or hands to a homogeneous substance and put it on the problem areas around the eyes. You can keep an hour and two until the tumor does not come off at all.

How to remove swelling and bags under the eyes

- To remove bags and swelling under the eyes dolotion from the decoction of the horsetail. Spoon a tablespoon of dry herb horsetail with a glass of boiling water and boil for 10 minutes. After 20 minutes of infusion, soak the decoction of wadded disks and apply to the swellings for 15 minutes.

- Similarly, a decoction of sage is prepared, onlyhe uses it differently. The broth is divided in half. One half is put in the refrigerator, and the other is used in a warm form. First, for 10 minutes, apply to the eyeballs and around them a cotton pad moistened in a warm broth, and then apply a cold disc for the same time. And so you need to change to get the result. This is a very good folk remedy for swelling under the eyes.

- In order to remove bags and dark circles,make a home cream from swelling under the eyes. In 20 grams of any skin care cream, add 5 drops of vitamin E oil extract. Mix and apply it daily several times a day, even with a thick layer.

Massage from edema and bags under the eyes

The best and easiest massage for edemais massage with silver spoons. Treatment with silver has long been used in folk medicine, besides, silver does not cause allergies, which is very important, since the skin around the eyes is very sensitive.

Take 2 small silver spoons and putthem in a glass with ice water and ice cubes. When they cool, attach them to places with puffiness, hold on as much as you can and, with a little pressure, do a few movements on the massage lines.

After heating again, cool them in a glass andagain do the same manipulations. This massage can be done several times a day every day. This folk remedy can remove even strong swelling, bags under the eyes, as well as smooth all small wrinkles.

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