Control of swelling

Chronic kidney disease, however controlled, affects the appearance. How to deal with the aesthetic manifestations of the disease? Advises dermatocosmetologist-aesthetist of the Moscow beauty salon "Balance-club" Tatyana Lomako.

The main trouble is swelling. They are especially noticeable on the eyelids - bags, swelling under the eyes. Plus, swelling is a provocateur of the appearance of premature wrinkles. After all, tissues, constantly overfilled with moisture, gradually stretch and lose their tone.

Another problem that arises whenchronic kidney disease, - unhealthy complexion. Of course, the best bridle for all these troubles is compliance with the recommendations of the attending physician. But in parallel with this it is useful to adhere to special rules in skin care. Properly selected cosmetology procedures will help you look good, despite the chronic disease.

Pump massage
With swelling caused by a malfunction in the kidneys,lymph drainage salon procedures are useful. They improve the outflow of fluid. Ideally, if these sessions of beauty will also enhance microcirculation - that is, improve the flow of nutrients to the epidermis. This replenishment will restore the tone of the skin, damaged by swelling.

Such a double effect has a manuallymphodrainage massage of the face - classic, and especially new, pump. Classical massage is done by wide movements in the direction of the lymphocytes. A pomp unit drains the fluid by pressing on the projection of the lymph nodes. Lymphatic drainage is carried out 2-3 times a week. Full course - 10 procedures.

Mesotherapy helps with swelling. For microinjection drugs are selected that have lymphodrene and microcirculation-improving action. Such abilities are, for example, a preparation based on artichoke. But before you aim at this technique, keep in mind: it gives the greatest effect in 30-50 years. You will have to come to the procedures once a week. Course - 10 sessions.

Microcurrent therapy is also suitable for combatinga bad complexion and swelling. And besides, this hardware procedure is also able to give a lifting, that is, to eliminate fine wrinkles. It is necessary to resort to microcurrents 2-3 times a week. Course - 10 procedures.

Doing all these procedures at once, of course, is not worth it. Usually cosmetologists recommend to stop on one thing. The course of lymphatic drainage procedures is carried out twice a year. And to consolidate the effect between the courses once a month, it is worthwhile to come to support sessions.

Icy Glasses
Not bad struggle with edema "ice" procedures. In addition, they improve the flow of nutrients - and therefore, take care of skin tone and complexion. You can wipe the skin of the eyelids with a piece of ice. And it is better to buy a special mask in the pharmacy, made in the form of glasses. Pour cold water into the mask. Then put the "glasses" in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. Frozen mask put on the eyelids for 5-7 minutes.

First aid for swelling of the eyelids is pulp from raw potatoes or chilled tea bags after brewing.

As for cosmetics, forhome care for the puffy skin of the eyelids is best suited preparations with lymphatic drainage effect. Usually the composition of these products includes extracts of cornflower, rosemary, aloe, kidney oak, vitamin E. In your arsenal should be a day-time protective gel, evening concentrated cream, eye mask, tonic and eye makeup remover.

The program for the care of the puffy skin age

1. Cleansing the skin with a make-up liquid.
2. Easy lymphatic drainage massage.
3. With severe edema - "ice", tea or potato mask.
4. Application of tonic for eyelids.
5. Application of protective gel with anti-edematous effect.

1. Cleansing the skin with a make-up liquid.
2. Application of tonic for eyelids.
3. Mask for the eyelids, strengthening the tissues.
4. Application of a night concentrated cream.

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