What kind of doctor should I consult with edema

If you do not want to go to a therapist, which is exactly what you need to answer the question "to which narrow specialist to apply with such complaints" - then I would advise you to visit and nephrologist. and phlebologist. Edema can be the result of a disruption in the workkidneys (this body is engaged in a nephrologist), as well as chronic venous insufficiency, in this case - the lower extremities (for the detection of this disease - to the phlebologist).

Thank you)) Recently, the right leg has begun to swell just below the knee. And, only one leg. I'll start, perhaps, after all with the therapist. Once he did not think about it at once. - 3 years ago

The cause of swelling of the legs may be severaldiseases, therefore, to determine the cause, you need to start with a therapist who, already decides, with advice, what a narrow specialist, you should start. Starting, going to different specialists, yourself, you will only lose time. In addition, the therapist, if he deems it necessary, he will direct you to some additional studies, blood and urine tests. Therefore, one should start with him. And he will decide where to turn next.