OtoLo under the tongue

Has made in an ostomy. a planned cleaning of the teeth (at a discount). A week passed - the roots of the teeth were exposed, sharp pain, sensitivity to EVERYTHING. For more than a month I have been suffering. Brushing your teeth is just torture. I can not eat cold, sweet, sour. Nothing helps. No special paste, no gel for gums, no stoma. Can I file for them? read more

Hello! Began to disturb the following problem. The sixth upper tooth whines (more precisely, what is left of it), while the nose periodically exudes pus, the smell is very unpleasant in the nose. Last autumn, a tooth fell out of the tooth, after the tooth began to fall apart on the sides, then fell ill. When I got to the dentist, already with the nose began to appear problems (apparently with the maxillary sinuses), this disgusting smell appeared. Drank the antibiotics Amoxiclav, began to treat the tooth. The doctor said that the tooth is dead and hurt the tissues around him, drilled the channels, wanted to clean, but was surprised that there was nothing in them and suggested that they should be like that for a few days. rinse with furacilin, lay a fleece with food. Was like. Thus the antibiotic has already made the business and the nose breathed as the newcomer, but the tooth on a little bit disturbed. I came back again thinking and tearing it out, but the doctor convinced her that she put it in the canals (not a seal, if it bothers you to seal the channels for the time being, you can not), put a temporary seal, said another week or two. Went, the tooth stopped worrying, I stopped going to the dentist - and I go almost without a tooth, with a temporary filling and unsealed channels. And then something happened that should be expected. I now do not even know to which specialist to go first, to the dentist or to the ENT, because predisposition to sinusitis / rhinitis / sinusitis is also there. It is not clear what is the cause, but what is the consequence. I am hope for your help. Thank you! read more