Redness of the skin with swelling

Acute pain in the leg with swelling and redness of the skin

If there is severe pain in the leg (maybein the arm) along the vein with reddening of the skin above it and / or pain accompanied by sudden swelling of the leg, this may be a manifestation of thrombophlebitis - inflammation of the vein with the formation of a thrombus - a blood clot in the lumen of the vein. This ailment is dangerous because a fragment that is formed in a vein of a thrombus can come off, which first flows into the heart with a blood stream, and thence into the vessels of the lungs, which is a threat to life. Therefore, if you suspect a disease, you should immediately send the patient to the hospital. In this case, it is necessary to strive to immobilize the diseased leg as much as possible, so that during movements there is no separation of the thrombus.

Treatment only in the hospital

For the prevention of thrombosis and the treatment of thrombosis and thrombophlebitis use the following drugs (as directed and under the supervision of a doctor!):