I swell with coffee

Hi, my good ones. Today and tomorrow I'm at home, that's why I have already become bored with you. There is no inta in my workplace, so that if I manage to go to somewhere I go out, but it's quite difficult. Today I will do my best to make everything around the house so that I can rest and relax tomorrow. And in the intervals on the gale girls, tell me, but can there be swelling from coffee? I have such a suspicion that when I drink coffee, then swell. Almost a week did not drink coffee, I felt great and swelling came off, and yesterday

lunch-dinner: melon - 1000.00 gr.

breakfast: coffee black without sugar (GI: 60) - 200.00 gr. lavash - 100.00 gr. liver pate - 20.00 gr. milk chocolate - 40.00 gr

bodyflex - 20 min. washing dishes - 30 min. typing on the computer - 120 min. sitting position - 240 min. cooking - 120 min. cleaning - 120 min