Strongly swelling in the morning

Everyone wants to see after waking up in the mirrorcheerful and cheerful person, as in advertising! Unfortunately, the body needs some time to finally wake up, and this affects the appearance. For example, many women swell around the morning - about why this happens, and talk today.

Strict diets, avitaminosis, late supper fromheavy food - all these are typical causes of eye swelling in the morning. Prolonged constipation. leading to an intoxication of the body as a whole, also often leads to the formation of so-called bags under the eyelids.

I should also mention bad habits: alcohol, smoking, and even many adored coffee - are not the best skin friends, and their frequent use leads not only to dehydration and loss of blush, but also causes swelling under the eyes in the morning, which, however, in all the cases listed go through several hours later.

To stop the problem of swollen eyelids, you should take care of a healthy diet and lifestyle, as well as breathe more fresh air and drink about 1.5 - 2 liters of clean water daily.

Make make-up remover a few hours before going to bed, if you wash your face and apply a nourishing cream later, it can provoke swelling.

Eyelids can blush and swell due to allergieson cosmetics. mascara, shadow or powder. In this case, you need to change the cosmetic. Because of the intense makeup under the eyes (tonal creams, powders, concealers), the eyelids too can swell, because the skin in this place is very thin and has no sebaceous glands. Makeup not only stretches it during the application of the product, but also clogs the pores, which leads to dehydration. In addition, not all cosmetics have a composition that is safe for the skin.

If the eyes swell in the morning, the reason iscan be stagnant fluid in the body, which is typical for pregnancy. Therefore, future mothers, especially on the last terms, the problem of bags under the lower eyelid is familiar - this is a perfectly normal and temporary phenomenon. But if swelling worries in the early stages, it is worth paying attention to the health of the kidneys.

All women know that swelling around the eyes of themornings inevitably arise, if you cry before going to sleep. In addition, the formation of bags leads to overstrain of the eye muscle due to prolonged work at the computer or optical equipment.

If swelling becomes a permanent phenomenon and does not go through the whole day, it is worthwhile to undergo a medical examination, tk. this can be a symptom of a whole range of diseases.