What tests to hand over with swelling of the quinta

Good afternoon, Tatyana Nikolaevna, my name is JuliaTo me 24 years, earlier never suffered an allergy, but noticed sometimes that the neck, the upper lip, arms or hand and often woke up at night from a dyspnea. A few months ago, I started to dye my hair and immediately I felt sick from the smell of ammonia, the hospital was put in an edema with a quinquette, but the suffocation continued 3 times a day, even with the taking of tablets already after the hospital for two weeks, then died down when taking ketotifen 4 r per day (loratadine, fexofenadine is weak for me). Until now, I take pills otherwise I will suffocate, swelling at the slightest smell of powder, smoke or other sharp smells of repair paint. I adhere to a strict diet, I cut off my hair, I already have a little bit of my own. ENT doctor puts vasomotor-allergic rhinitis, so goes sputum and without cause then covers, then pawns his nose. The lungs and spirogram are OK, there is no inflammatory, no other changes. At the neurologist too was, all without a pathology. The allergist at us is not present in city, I can not cancel a tablet as I simply shall suffocate, so often after attacks to me prikat also suprastin 2 ampoules within 5 days, and sometimes enter prednisolon when absolutely badly and the throat narrows, the tongue is still revolved. As to me to be treated. Can I take skin tests for an allergy. Help me please! It's not life but some kind of nightmare constantly choking and swelling. Can the quincke's edema persist for so long, is it an allergic rhinitis or just an allergy? Before, I could not stand the milk, garlic and onions. At home there is a smell of smoke, but the family smokes on the balcony, powders, but they stand in the corridor, and the dog, I still suspect the cold. Previously, there was never any allergy as such for anything, can these smells now serve as provocateurs of allergy? Moreover, I suffer a long time from thrush, it led to the formation of genital warts. It is likely that this is a fungal allergy. How can I be cured of it, is it possible to pass an analysis that will show the percentage of fungi in the blood. In the treatment for thrush why, some immunostimulating drugs, groprinosin, tsikloferon, geneferon were prescribed. I send you an immunogram analysis and a general blood test. I really hope for your help! Thank you in advance for your reply.

Hello Julia! First of all, it is necessary to determine the cause of the developed allergic process. - examine the entire gastrointestinal tract, exclude parasites - hand over the allergopanel Ig E by blood to various allergens (cutaneous tests are not recommended in view of the constantly recurring process) - hand over gynecological smears to urogenital pathology and antibodies M and G to human papillomavirus (this is the true reason for the kondillom) is the immunogram - the phagocytic link. Only after this, specific recommendations for treatment can be given.

Thanks for your reply! Tell me please what other tests should I take? 1) Uchi Gastrointestinal is in order, is it worth doing a gastroscopy? 2) I also took the parasites 3) Can I take the allergopanel by blood if I take allergy pills? 4) Smears have passed on all infections by a method of DNA, it is found out only a thrush. 5) The immunogram is in your hands. Tell me please, can thrush be the main provoking link in attacks? She at me 2 years, at delivery of analyzes by a method of DNA the virus of a papilloma of the person has not been found, moreover at treatment from a thrush candles clotrimazole, all condylomas disappeared, but in 1-2 weeks appeared again. I think there was insufficiently strong treatment by a fungus. Tell me how to treat thrush and can I even treat it? And more a question, tell or say if nevertheless there will be also foodstuffs allergenic, how to be?

No, gastroscopy, without the need to take it is not necessary. In this case, a detailed analysis of the immunogram is needed.