Salt bandage with swelling

I myself often apply salt bandages, thoughon the knee. Saline solutions for compress should be 8% -10%. That is, for 500 ml of water you should add no more than 50 grams of salt. Do not make the solution hot, but, well warm. Wet a strip of cotton cloth in it, squeeze out and squeeze it on the sore spot. On top of the p / e film, not to wet the top bandage, also from the cotton fabric, (for example, the strip of the old sheet.It does not need to wrap the salt compresses (it heals not with heating, but with salt), and fix it so it does not slip. lie down and just cover yourself with a rug.Halric compresses do better at night, and with severe pain, you can do an additional 1 time in the afternoon for 2 hours.

Salt compress in this situation will not work. It is necessary to make a salt bandage so that there is air exchange. For this bandage, salt is prepared at a concentration of 9 percent (3 tablespoons without top to a liter of water). With this solution, we should wet the multilayer gauze (8-10 layers) or cotton fabric. It is applied on a sore spot preferably at night. On top you can attach a thicker fabric, but not polyethylene. In this case, such a salt bandage removes inflammation and swelling, the pain subsides.

There is an article on the use of salt dressings forvarious diseases, but not compresses. The salt solution is made 8-10%, for 1 liter of boiled water take 3 tablespoons without the top of table salt, moisten a hygroscopic material, for example, gauze in 8 layers, lightly squeeze out and attach a bandage to a painful place for the night, you need to do 10 times or a compressor Paper does not apply polyethylene. Salt draws toxins, kills germs.