Activated charcoal in edema

This article presents some methods of treating traditional medicine that can help with the removal of edema of various origins.

When edema legs after surgery can help the followingremedy: three tablespoons of spicy grass pour a half liter of boiling water and leave to stand for four hours in a thermos. Then strain. Take half a glass three or four times a day before eating. Tip: Drink through a straw so that your teeth do not get hurt.

Some managed to get rid of edema"kvinke" taking before sleeping tablets of activated charcoal. Calculation of the dose: one tablet per ten kilograms of a person's weight. The course of treatment is ten days, four times a day. Then make a break in twenty days and repeat.

If edema legs can help the following remedy: thirty grams of corn stigmas fill with a glass of boiling water and drink on a tablespoon three times a day, before eating.

If swelling occurs on the legs, the following will helpremedy: for the withdrawal of excess liquid from the body can use decoctions of elderberry and elderberry cortex. One tablespoon of the collection pour 200 ml. boil and insist for about thirty minutes, strain and take on a tablespoon three to four times a day. This broth also helps with kidney disease, with diabetes and as a diuretic. If you have neuritis of the facial nerve, folk medicine can also be picked up, for example, these same elderberry berries, for this you need to turn the steamed fruits into gruel and make compresses every two hours to the sore spots. This relieves the pain. If, on the legs appeared, varicose canes, then put the pre-steamed elderberry leaves on the knots.

Artichoke infusion can help with constipation, kidney, heart or liver failure, with rheumatism, edema or in chronic nephritis. Prepared this way: one teaspoon of leaves or flower baskets fill the floor with liters of boiling water and leave to stand for an hour or two. Drink three tablespoons three times a day. If you prepare the infusion in use, then do this: a hundred grams of milled leaves or crushed flower baskets in 1: 1 proportions and pour 100 ml. 70% alcohol. Let it brew for twenty days, strain and take 0.1 ml. three times a day before meals.

With swelling of the ankle joint, constipation, ulcers,gastritis, colitis, hemorrhoids, enterocolitis: dry and rub the fruits of burdock together with the pericarp. Two tablespoons fill the floor with liters of boiling water leave to stand for the night and drink a glass in the morning on an empty stomach and in the evening before eating.

With arthritis. gout, swelling, rheumatism, spondylosis and when depositing salts will help decoction of cowberry leaves: two tablespoons of leaves pour a glass of boiling water and boil for fifteen minutes, then cool. Strain and drink with sips throughout the day.

Edema may be the result of a serious illness, so be sure to check the heart and kidneys.

Half a glass of cucumber juice drink three times a day with swelling. This remedy also cleanses the bile, kidney.

When swelling: Half a tablespoon of garlic washed and poured a glass of water and boil for about three minutes. Then strain, press and rub into the lower leg, or apply to diseased calves as a compress, which consists of raw potatoes.

With frequent palpitations with shortness of breath or with swellinglung. Finely chop the pod (preferably half) of hot red pepper + honey 100 gr. + juice of a guelder-rose 100 gr. + Cahors 100 gr. + aloe juice 100 gr. Mix everything and put in a pot of clay. Prepare a cake of dough and close the neck of the pot. Then top cover and put in the oven (at 170 degrees) for two and a half hours. Cool down. Cake can be eaten, and pour the liquid into a jar and store it in the fridge. Take 50 ml each. three to four times a day for thirty minutes before meals.

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