Iodine mesh for edema

You can count at least twenty differentdiseases in which the human condition can be alleviated by applying an iodine grid. A tiny bottle of iodine is usually present in every home medicine cabinet - after all, no one in everyday life is immune to wounds and cuts that require operative antiseptic treatment. Even in the XIX century, doctors found that when exposed to skin, the iodine solution is also capable of acting as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

The site "Designer of Health" is ready to talk about how with the help of iodine mesh you can:
- Identify the deficiency of iodine in the body;
- cure for coughing;
- to overcome a cold and cold;
- accelerate the healing of bruises;
- to be treated by women during pregnancy.

How do iodine mesh?

Iodine mesh on the skin is applied with cotton woolcosmetic sticks - the same ones that are usually used to cleanse sulfur in the ears. Such a stick should be dipped in a 5% solution of iodine and draw on the body a grid of vertical and horizontal strips. The value of the "cells" of an ideal iodine grid is usually about 1 square centimeter.

Penetrating through the skin into the muscle tissue andblood vessels, iodine is detrimental to pathogenic microorganisms, folding their proteins. The secret of the grid is that due to the "cells" of a certain size, the groups of bacteria are torn off from each other and rapidly die. Iodine perfectly copes with those bacteria that penetrate the body through the skin pores.

Iodine grid with iodine deficiency in the body

According to statistics, almost a third of the world's populationthe ball suffers from a lack of iodine in the body. which becomes the cause of pathologies of the thyroid gland, and for pregnant women can result in the birth of physically and mentally handicapped children.

In order to determine if yourthe body of iodine from food, it is not necessary to take tests - just apply iodine mesh. It is best to place it on the inside of the thigh. If within three hours of it there is not the slightest trace left, it is necessary to urgently run to the doctor and ask that he write out the most effective drugs for the treatment of iodine deficiency. If iodine absorbs into the skin for 6-8 hours, this will mean that there are minor problems with iodine intake, but they can be solved by including in the daily diet of sea fish, seafood, sea kale and other foods rich in it element. In completely healthy people who do not lack iodine, the traces of the net disappear only after 24 hours.

How do iodine mesh when coughing?

Whatever the reasons for the dry cough. iodine grid will help localize the inflammatory process even at its very beginning. Penetrating into the skin and blood vessels, iodine helps to increase blood circulation, but it is recommended to do an antitussive net only when the body temperature does not exceed 38 degrees.

So, how to cure dry cough homeiodine therapy? The net is applied either to the throat (with angina) or to the chest (with pneumonia). In some people, the skin on these parts of the body is very sensitive. Therefore, for starters, you can apply only one small stroke. If within 10-15 minutes there is no burning, itching, discomfort, then you can begin to draw a full grid. When you cough, a grid on your throat is shown twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

How useful is the iodine grid in the common cold and cold?

For those who are looking for ways how to quickly curerunny nose. iodovaya grid will be a very convenient solution. In this case, it is applied very thin and neat lines on the bridge of the nose and the wings of the nose. It is advisable to act cautiously, since the face, as well as the neck, has a high risk of burns from iodine: the skin turns red, peeling off and peeling off. With a cold, it makes sense to arrange the net on the soles of the feet and in the calf muscles.

Iodine mesh with bruises

If you do not know how to get the bruise out. then again the same universal iodine grid will help out. True, it should not be used in the first hours after a bruise: it is recommended to do this only a day after the injury. The fact is that even a minor injury is usually accompanied by swelling of the tissues, and the irritating effect of iodine does not contribute to its resorption. A competent approach is to first act on the bruised place with a cold - a piece of ice wrapped in tissue. And only the next day you can start treatment with iodine.

Iodine screen during pregnancy

Women who are preparing to become mothers,It is recommended to use iodine nets for replenishing iodine deficiency in the body. In addition, this tool will help to cope with signs of a cold - in fact in the choice of ready-made pharmacological preparations pregnant women have to exercise special vigilance, and iodine is considered an environmentally friendly and safe medicine. It is important only not to take care of your own health to the extreme and always consult with your doctor.

P.S. Do you often use iodine mesh, and how effective is it in your opinion? We are waiting for answers in the comments to the article.