Actovegin with edema

Pregnancy is difficult for the bodytime when he works in a tight mode. The burden on all organs and systems is very high, so sometimes it becomes necessary to take certain medications. The first thing that all doctors are oriented on is how not to harm a developing baby. Especially modern moms are still wary of the need to take any medications. All of them are brought up on the fact that the development of the fetus must occur naturally, without the intervention of medicine. But fortunately, such copies are getting smaller every year.

The decision to take medications,say, such as curantyl or actovegin in pregnancy, can only be taken by a doctor. Therefore, in order to protect your baby and yourself from the various difficulties that can arise in the process of his gestation, you need to be on time to register with a women's consultation. Actovegin at pregnancy is appointed basically as a preventive agent.

Let's see what kind of a drug it is, andthen find out how and why it is assigned to future mothers. Actovegin refers to drugs that affect the metabolic processes of your body. It improves cerebral circulation and consists exclusively of physiological components, since it is made from calf blood. This drug has a beneficial effect on the brain, body tissues, as it activates the absorption of oxygen and glucose. Usually it is prescribed to people suffering from vascular and metabolic disorders of the brain, venous, peripheral and arterial vascular disorders, for the healing of various ulcers, wounds, decubitus, after skin transplantation, chemical and thermal burns and for the treatment of other diseases.

Actovegin in pregnancy tablets is hardly worth itto use, basically doctors prescribe it intravenously or intramuscularly, prescribing Actovegin in ampoules. But it also comes in the form of a gel, ointment and cream. What is the effect of this drug on the body of a woman expecting a baby? With the help of it, the metabolism is stimulated, metabolic processes are accelerated, blood circulation improves. Usually actovegin in pregnancy is prescribed to those women who had problems with spontaneous abortions. In such cases, it is used to ensure that the pregnancy process proceeds normally and to preserve the fetus. In addition, this drug should be given to those women who have a severe form of diabetes mellitus or in systemic diseases. If during the course of pregnancy there are any complications, then Actovegin is also prescribed. In this case we are talking about hypotrophy, partial detachment of the fetal egg or a possible risk of miscarriage.

Actovegin during pregnancy can not be usedalways. There are a number of contraindications that are worth mentioning. So, with pulmonary edema, anuria, oliguria, decompensated heart failure, fluid retention in the body and individual intolerance, this drug can not be used. The main thing is that the appointment was made by a competent specialist.

Skeptics and opponents of tablets duringpregnancy can calm down. Science proved that actovegin during pregnancy can be used and even need to do it in the presence of evidence. It is worth mentioning about the side effects of this drug. They can appear in those who suffer from hypersensitivity. Perhaps the appearance of a rash on the body, increased body temperature and skin hyperemia. In this case, you just need to stop using Actovegin and seek advice from a doctor. The drug does not affect the fetus in any way.