Hydrocortisone for edema

Attention! Before using medicines, consult a specialist!

Quickly removes swelling during laryngospasm

Hormone remedy + a lot of pobochek

It's almost 4g already. we periodically use the suspension Hydrocortisone for other purposes (treatment of rheumatic diseases accompanied by arthritis), but as a means for inhalation.

The fact is that we have chronic laryngitis,complicated by an allergy, and any cold is accompanied by laryngospasm. The first year, from the moment of the onset of attacks, we went to the hospital at night, sometimes even three times a month. And as the first drug help, we were given a cocktail of prednisone, suprastin and no-shpy and mandatory inhalation with hydrocortisone.

But then we learned how to cope with the problem inhome conditions. Certainly this was helped both by the nebulizer and by the mountains of read literature on folk remedies. However, hydrocortisone in my medicine cabinet is always there. Doctors use it to stop laryngospasm, literally from birth. Just do not forget to consult before using, even on the phone, about the possibility of using this medicine for your child with a doctor.

It should be borne in mind that Hydrocortisone -glucocorticosteroid, ie, the substance is hormonal. In the Hydrocortisone-Richter preparation, in addition to hydrocortisone acetate itself, lidocaine is a local anesthetic. The medicine removes the laryngeal edema and simultaneously anesthetizes.

It can be applied to both children and adults (butover 65 years is undesirable) only dosages are different. The most interesting is that when you buy a bubble with a suspension in the annotation you will not find a word about the way it is used for inhalations.

So, at the age of 2 years, we are bred inof the following proportion: 1 ml of hydrocortisone suspension and 2 ml of saline (0.9% sodium chloride solution). We breathe for 5 minutes. If there is no improvement, then after 30 minutes. inhalation can be repeated.

My mamke with edema of the larynx, too, was prescribed hydrocortisone. But as an adult, the proportion was as follows: 2ml of suspension and 2ml of saline. We breathe for 5 minutes.

Mama could not breathe, this solution was for herstrong, and she breathed, in the same proportion as my daughter. Among the possible side effects (by the way, they just observed my Nurse): nausea, dizziness, vomiting, and a bunch of other things.

And more if you start to do inhalations withhydrocortisone, then consider the following. First (the first 3 days) they are done twice a day: morning and evening - and on the 4th day the number of such inhalations is reduced to 1 time per day. The duration of the course is not more than 5 days. Sharply can not be canceled. Inhalations with hydrocortisone alternate with inhalations with Ambrobene (Lazolvanom): 2p. with hydrocortisone + 2p. with Ambrobene (Lazolvanom) in the day.

Kiza · 2012-02-29 16:02:24

A icebreaker (in the composition) can also causean allergic reaction ((Yes, and our pediatrician advised against using the nebulizer.) Laryngitis is such a dangerous disease and without a doctor's inspection I would not have decided to treat a child.
P.S. Well, what do you "MAMKA", well, at least "Mama" answer

Sorry, but in our family the word "mother" is considereddiminutive, caressing, and not strictly official, like "MOM" and not rude, like "MOTHER." I wrote that without the advice of a doctor, this drug is best not to use. However, when every minute counts, and the ambulance rides for 40-40 minutes, you have to get advice by phone

and what you nebulizer rejected? in the hospital they also made inhalations with hydrocortisone. reply

Familiar with such a good medicine)

Oh, hormonal drugs is a nightmare. Their action has not been studied to the end. reply

Anka071 · 2013-03-29 12:45:17

My child also has laryngitis, in the hospital alreadylay 4 times, but the 5th time we managed at home, in the hospital there was no place. We bought an inhaler for a long time and the doctor prescribed inhalations for us at home, coped with laryngitis on our own for 5 days. We did inhalations 4-5 r. per day: 4 cubes of saline solution (sodium chloride) + 1 hydrocortisone cube + 1 cube of naphthysine (for children, you can dilute the adult 1: 1). Edema is removed instantly, and at night we did not have to go to the hospital, as always. Just advised inhalation with lazolvanom - 25 cap. + 1 or 2 cubes of saline solution - to do when the child begins to cough, for sputum discharge. If the throat is red, do inhalation with dioxin 2 cube + 2 cubes of saline solution + 0.2 hydrocortisone. Inhalations can be alternated. Also we take the drug inside Ambrobe and irrigation with Hexsaral. Frequent drinking of warm mineral water. and warm steam inhalations with soda - 1 tsp for 1 glass of water. And after a day, the mustard plasters on the chest below the dimple and under the shoulder blades through the cheesecloth (2 layers) an hour before bedtime - promotes liquefaction and sputum discharge. Almost the same treatment is carried out in the hospital. Well, of course, it's better not to engage in self-medication, but consult a doctor! Be healthy! reply

and we were prescribed it for 14 days, it will not be much? reply

This is a long time. The standard course is no more than 5 days, and if the child is up to 3 years old, then after 3 days ENT conducts the examination and then decides to continue to do inhalations or cancel. Usually, 3-4days we did 1 time per day, at night, reply

sotka · 2013-09-08 12:18:51

tell me, please, be sure hydrocortisone suspension or can hydrocortisone in ampoules? reply

Here and to us have now appointed or nominated at Laryngobronchitis. Thanks for the tip! reply

thanks for the tip! I subscribe to every word. Priestenose (swelling of the larynx), which is a frequent companion of laryngitis, hydrocortisone is the first remedy if there is no possibility to prune prenezalon. Do not be afraid of the word "hormone", because only this hormone can remove a deadly gasp. reply