Swollen knee

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      • In the hot season, swelling of the extremities isone of the most common conditions, with the most often swelling of the legs, in particular the knees. Edema of the knee may be the result of fluid accumulation or the result of trauma, bruising, inflammation in the knee joint. Of course, in such cases it is necessary to immediately contact a doctor - a rheumatologist who will conduct a full examination and prescribe the appropriate treatment.

        What can be caused by swelling in the knee area

        What can be caused by swelling in the knee area

        Puffiness does not always indicate an overabundance of fluid in the body. In addition, swelling of the knee may be due to several reasons:

        • injuries of the knee;
        • inflammatory process, caused, for example, exacerbation of arthritis.

        At the same time, the development of the inflammatory process in the knee region can be provoked by either an infection or an allergic reaction of the body can manifest itself.

        Even with hypothermia of the legs, swelling of the knee is possible. And if it was injured before then, even more so.

        What are the first aid measures for knee edema

        To help yourself or a loved one in this situation, you can do the following:

        • limit the mobility of the foot with the imposition of a tight bandage on the area of ​​the injured knee;
        • Use that medicine to relieve pain, for which there is definitely no allergy;
        • To address in the near future to the doctor for finding-out of the reason of puffiness if the trauma of a knee joint was not.

        first aid measures for edema of the knee

        The doctor will be assigned such procedures:

        • if the soft tissue is not damaged, then the x-ray of the knee is recommended;
        • arthroscopy is performed to study the work and condition of the knee joint;
        • can be appointed procedure MRI - magnetic resonance imaging;
        • blood test;
        • it is possible to take the contents - the puncture of the articular fluid.

        The latest study on patient feedbackquite painful, but often very necessary. The puncture of the contents of the joint makes it possible to identify the causative agent of the disease and, for example, to distinguish arthritis from an allergic nature from arthritis caused by infection. Treatment of these conditions varies, so it is important to determine the root cause of edema.

        What to do if the swelling of the knee is a consequence of an injury

        What to do if the swelling of the knee is a consequence of an injury

        Most often, swelling of the knee is possible with his injuries in everyday life, at work, while playing sports.

        Among the injuries of the knee joint are the following:

        • rupture of ligaments of the joint;
        • knee injury;
        • dislocation of the knee;
        • injury to the knee meniscus.

        All these injuries have differences, according to which a rheumatologist or a surgeon can distinguish one from another.

        Thus, with a dislocation of the knee, its deformation is observed. If, during a trauma, the shin becomes mobile, then we can talk about rupturing the ligaments of the knee joint. If the pain in the knee during extension is very strong, then, most likely, there was a meniscus damage.

        How to treat knee injuries

        How to treat knee injuries

        In the presence of strong pain ininjured knee injury will need to resort to the use of pain medication. Suitable for this situation are aspirin, ibuprofen, paracetamol and others. When walking, it is better not to rely on an injured leg, use a cane or lean on a crutch.

        If the knee is swollen due to a minor bruise. to relieve the pain it will be enough to apply a tight bandage and then, as the pain subsides, do exercises to restore the leg's mobility.

        If you see a dislocation of the knee joint when you see a doctor, you will have to suffer pain when you tweak it. Further, the recommendations for recovery will be similar to the treatment of knee injuries.

        In case of a diagnosis of a meniscus injury ortorn ligaments of the knee joint will have to resort to a surgical operation. After that, prescribe the use of anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics. to avoid the development of infection.

        To remove puffiness and quickly repair a damaged knee, the following measures are taken:

        • in the diet should be a lot of vitamin products containing the necessary amino acids;
        • use of herbal baths;
        • on the broths of herbs are made warm compresses;
        • a special complex of massage movements with the use of therapeutic ointments, gels is applied.

        How to treat knee injuries

        For use as compresses and forbaths recommended for use are decoctions of such useful plants as juniper, mint, fir, eucalyptus, sabelnik, hops. All these herbs perfectly activate metabolic processes in the tissues, which allows faster recovery of mobility.

        Of pharmacy drugs well fights with swelling, for example, the gel Troxevasin and the like.

        Injuries of the knee should not be neglected, thinking thatitself will pass. If the damage is not treated in time, there is a great risk of getting a more serious disease, for example, bursitis, which is a type of arthritis. When bursitis occurs inflammation of the joint bag, and treat this disease is much more difficult.

        What if the swelling of the knee is caused by an insect bite?

        Cases of severe edema with insect bites are not uncommon. In this case it is necessary to take standard measures that are taken with insect bites in any part of the body:

        • remove the insect's sting;
        • Wash the wound thoroughly with soap, better than household soap;
        • itching and bite pain are well removed by treating the bite site with a solution of ordinary baking soda or by applying a piece of ice;
        • to rule out an allergic reaction, you need to take an antihistamine drug (tavegil, suprastin, etc.).

        What if the cause of the swelling is arthritis?

        With infectious or allergic arthritisoften swelling of the knees is observed. Infectious arthritis of the knee joint can be caused either by internal disease of the body, or by infection in the knee joint from the outside.

        This disease requires treatment under controldoctor. Only a specialist can indicate the specific cause of the disease, pick up the necessary medicines. Most often this type of arthritis is treated in a hospital.

        Polyarthritis or arthritis of an allergic natureis caused by ingestion of any substance that causes an allergic reaction in humans. Edema of the knee in this case is accompanied by the standard manifestations of allergy: lacrimation, spasm of the bronchi, skin rashes like hives, nausea. Allergic arthritis, as a rule, passes quickly and requires treatment with antihistamines.

        If you have swollen knee, and while you are not injured, urgently visit a doctor's consultation to not run a possible illness and not fight then with its complications.