Swollen eyebrows

Good afternoon! At me such situation: on April, 7th in the morning has noticed, that painfully to press on the left brow, still has noticed inside shishechku, I think, well can a furuncle / internal pimple, will pass or take place. April 8, drew attention to the fact that along the left eyebrow arc (at the end, where there is narrow), edema formed, he was also on the 7th of the evening. So, physically it does not hurt, only if you press, and then not very much. There is no redness, but this edema caused panic. On Saturday (10th), I went to the eye department of the hospital on duty. There, I was all blamed for plucking eyebrows, they say, brought dirt. I remember that I pulled out, but earlier or later in the day, I can not say more precisely. Vobshchem the doctor has solved, that with it or this is connected. The eyebrow is swollen, the swelling passes to the upper wide eyelid next to the eyebrow, there is no redness, but if you touch it, the bump inside is felt. The ophthalmologist has written out Flemoxime salutab (500 mg) 2 times a day, 5 days, on an eyebrow tetratsiklinovuju ointment for 3 hours, and in eyes of drop Indocollir, I have not bought drops (I am afraid to drip), and all the rest I do or make. Has diagnosed: an infiltrate. Prompt please, this infiltrate can itself dissolve or necessarily abscess will be? Just no hint of redness. How long does the swelling last? And is it correct for me to get the treatment? Thank you, if you answer, I will wait.

Hello Olga. Inflammatory infiltrate will decrease. resolves within 5-7 days.

Good morning! About 2 months ago, I had a swelling in one eye a few days later, and the second, my eyes became red, watery, swollen eyelids and from above and from below, purulent discharge, pain in the eyes as if there was sand, in the morning my eyes swelled so that it felt like now I have a "puppy" pupil. Has gone to hospital have diagnosed a virus conjunctivitis have written out the medicament: - otolmolferon, okostistin, a dextamethasone the tumor began to fall down in 1 week have registered levomitsitin, the doctor has told or said that all will pass or take place but.

Good afternoon! The baby had a rash on his face about three weeks later - small pimples of flesh-colored color on a red background. Then there was a rash on the neck - on a red background, pimples like pustules, the rash went to the wrenches. Just pimples were on the head. All pediatricians unanimously said that this is an allergy (a child on the GW). Then one doctor said that there was sweating. I took measures: the child is naked all day, I rub it with calendula, I wash it several times a day. From the cervix and the clavicles, the rash became a miscarriage.

Good afternoon! I am a nursing mother. On the face 2 years ago a furuncle was removed. Now again appeared, though in another place, on the cheek. Go under the knife, I can not. I'm afraid the milk will be gone, t. K. Do without anesthesia. In a week I apply Vishnevsky ointment and levomecol. The pus comes out, but the cone is compacted and the redness does not pass, not small in size. Tell me, will I be able to cope with it at home? I just live in a small town where people do not appreciate the beauty and feelings of a person. Thank you.

Good day. How much I remember myself was always acne, the skin fat, clean only enough for a month, when others do half a year. Now I have strong rashes on the cheeks, cheekbones, I associate with an allergy to gluten, it is noticed that they react to the eaten food. Footprints go off after acne very long. The last 2 months of deep and itchy acne on one side appear. Will local application of zinc ointment, or sulfur, help with this problem? Regiinom smeared punctually, especially did not help, after.

Hello, I'm 14 years old, I'm about 2 months oldback shaved the pubis, at first there was rasstrozhenie, but it almost immediately passed, but there were 3 pimples that have not been passed so far. I smeared them with greens and some kind of ointment, nothing helped. At first, it was painful to put pressure on one of them, now it's gone. Now they do not hurt me anymore, just somehow embarrassed and a little alarming, all the same already passed a sufficient amount of time. Tell me, please, than they can be anointed or what to do with them?

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