How to quickly get rid of edema after rhinoplasty

Edema after rhinoplasty is a complete phenomenonnatural. It is explained their occurrence of an operational trauma of soft tissues. Worry about swelling after rhinoplasty is not worth it. But what if I want to get rid of them as quickly as possible and enjoy the result of the operation? Read - five safe and sufficiently effective tips for fighting swelling after operations on the nose.

Strictly follow all the recommendations of the plasticthe surgeon. Take all the drugs that he has prescribed, especially for antibacterial drugs. Antibiotics have anti-edematous effect, besides they prevent infection of the wound.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs after rhinoplasty also contribute to reducing edema. Do not abuse vasoconstrictor drops!

The use of cold compresses is sufficientAn effective way to reduce edema after rhinoplasty. Use to apply the compress can be a normal napkin, soaked in cold water, or ice cubes, placed in a plastic bag and wrapped in a napkin. There are special cooling bags.

Important! When applying a cold compress, do not apply iton the nose. This can lead to a displacement of the cartilage or implant, which will lead to the appearance of bone callus. Compresses are applied to the eyes and mouth. This is quite enough to reduce the process of exudation (impregnation) of plasma and reduce swelling.

In the early Postoperative period should avoid any physical effects on the nose! Even the most minor injuries are capable of reducingon the work of plastic surgeons. Numerous observations made it possible to reveal the regularity: in patients who do not focus on bandages on the nose and touch them as little as possible, edema decreases more rapidly.

For curious people who try to remove the bandage as early as possible and admire the result, the recovery period is 1.5-2 times delayed. Give the nose a little time to heal after the operation!

Ointments after rhinoplasty are best applied with the help of special applicators or napkins

Use of creams, ointments and gels withanti-edematous effect is most effective for controlling residual oedemas. It persists for 1.5-2 months after the operation. With the help of tools such as Badiaga, troxevasin ointment and others, you can shorten the lifetime of secondary edema by 1.5-2 weeks.

You should be careful when applying the ointment - do not put pressure on the back of the nose, do not apply the ointment on the fresh seams.

Even if you are a malicious smoker - afterRhinoplasty will have to give up smoking for at least a couple of months. Cigarette smoke provokes swelling of the mucous, so you should not just quit smoking, but avoid smoke-filled and smoky rooms.