How to get rid of hormonal edema

Edema of the eyes can even make the most beautiful facerepulsively painful. Edemas add age and it is almost impossible to disguise them with decorative means. And not all the means of treatment: creams, serums and other can help in this problem. However, there are home methods based on products that are always at hand. They work! They are affordable and extremely inexpensive. The only thing you have to stock up with is a drop of work and patience.

Below you will find a lot of tips, how to get rid of eye swelling. But first let's analyze what has becomecause of unsatisfactory reflection in the mirror? After all, swelling can occur for a number of completely different reasons: from completely harmless evening gatherings, during which you yourself without noticing, drank a couple of liters of tea, to serious health problems. Different reasons suggest different methods for eliminating eye swelling.

The main causes of edema.

  • Liquid . Drank a lot? Get it! The most able to lead to edemas are alcoholic cocktails, beer and tea.
  • Salt . Salt loves water. And having eaten something tasty-salty, you will begin to drink it strongly. And this leads to point 1.
  • Hormones . More precisely, the hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle. The closer the days of "X", the more inclined the woman becomes to the swelling. Often suffer from edemas are pregnant.
  • Care . The causes of edema due to caretwo: wrong actions and not suitable products. Many women had to contemplate terribly gnawed eyes the next morning after applying a new eye cream. Provoke edemas can and face cream: do not forget that it is not intended for the skin around the eyes. Washing with a hard soap, rubbing and stretching the skin of the eyelids, sleep with cosmetics on the eyes, failure to meet the expiration dates of the products are all wrong actions that can lead to swelling.
  • Genes . Predisposition to edema can behereditary. But this only means that unfavorable factors will provoke swelling more easily, and getting rid of them will be more difficult. In addition, it can take a long time, for example, how to get rid of scars and traces after acne.
  • Fatigue . Lack of sleep and rest, stress and chronic fatigue are also able to put before the search for an answer to the question of how to get rid of eye swelling.

Ways to get rid of eye edema.

Here are a few proven recipes. Some of them are fast, some require preliminary preparation. Try and look for the most suitable option for you personally.

  1. Vegetable parsley . The curly assistant of your eyes. Finely-finely chopped with a knife or blender, folded into a gauze and attach to the eyes. Refreshes one hundred percent. Quickly and safely!
  2. Potatoes . No time - rub the raw potatoes. There are a few extra minutes - cook in a uniform, cool it and then rub it. Fold in cheesecloth and eyes. In potato, there is an astringent component that strengthens the intercellular ligaments of the skin and thus eliminates edema.
  3. Cucumber . Classics of home skin care age. The ideal cucumber is young and from the garden, and not imported greenhouse. Let it be in the fridge from evening. And in the morning, arrange the procedure of SPA-seniya beautiful eyes. Slice the cucumber in thin circles, and apply them alternately to the eyes, changing after they warm up.
  4. Ice . Another classic tool. Broths of chamomile, celandine, cornflower and other medicinal herbs, frozen in ice cubes - one of the best tools in the fight for a fresh open-minded look.
  5. Massage . Careful patting smoothing massage, performed by cool pads of fingers will help remove swelling.

How to prevent eye swelling?

If you have already found a better way for yourself how to get rid of eye swelling, take note of additional tips that will help to minimize their further appearance.

  • Do not drink at night, but in any case, do not limit yourself in reasonable consumption of liquid;
  • sleep on a small low pillow;
  • less salt intake has not harmed anyone;
  • Do not use unknown face-products for the night, test them first in the daytime;
  • if the edema is pronounced and nothing helps, it's worth visiting a doctor;
  • Do you need to talk about bad habits?

Follow these tips, and the swelling of the skin around the eyes will bother you much less often. And you are able to cope with them quickly and efficiently.