Viburnum from swelling

Many of the medicinal properties of the Kalina have been heard. It is difficult to find a disease to which you can not apply potassium. This is a unique plant, because everything in it has healing properties: fruits, flowers, leaves, bark, roots, and even bones of berries. Successfully calves heals swelling, hypertension, gastritis, constipation, cough, bronchial asthma, stomach ulcer, tumors. And this is not a complete list of her healing abilities.

Widespread folk medicine uses viburnum withtreatment of gynecological diseases: fibroids, profuse and painful menstruation, ovarian cysts, breast cancer and others - this is its "sphere" of exposure.

Now imagine a pregnant woman whois not immune from all sorts of sores and ailments, and even vice versa: often in such a critical period the body weakens and malfunctions. How to be? Medicamental treatment is not even recommended for expectant mothers. And with a head dive into the study of infusions, decoctions of natural herbs and plants. It would seem that any problem can be solved in an easy way. But it's not so cloudless ...

Is it possible to calamine during pregnancy?

Kalina during pregnancy is contraindicated!

All because of the ability to raise the contractileactivity of the uterus. During the birth itself, doctors even recommend taking a decoction or tincture with kalina to mitigate painful fights, as the viburnum relaxes muscles due to antispasmodic properties.

However, any contraindications arecontraindications. After all, it's easier to ban than to help establish a safe dosage. The same goes for the Kalina. You can not miss all the useful properties of this plant at such an important moment and do not use them! A handful of sweet and sour tart berries is capable not only to please a pregnant woman, but also to cure if it is reasonable to approach the use of folk medicine.

Useful properties of viburnum in pregnancy

Very often during pregnancy, there ishemoglobin deficiency in the blood, anemia. To understand such a state is very simple, because the blood needs a fruit. So it turns out that the baby grows and develops, and my mother at this time suffers from anemia. The skin becomes pale, the hair splits and falls out, the nails are frayed, the blood pressure is reduced, the head is spinning, unbearably sick ... And all because the body's need for iron is increasing.

Having discussed all the pros and cons, treatment of this ailment with the help of guinea-fowl is possible. After all, in these berries iron is 5 times more than in other natural fruits.

But it is important to remember that to damage the health of the baby can be an excessive presence of hemoglobin in the blood. Therefore, adhere to certain dosages prescribed by your doctor.

The berries of the Kalina are often used asantitussive, diuretic, diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory and vitamin remedy for catarrhal (and in particular bronchopulmonary) diseases. To remove hoarseness and even return the voice lost through tonsillitis or sore throat will help the flowers of the viburnum.

Attacks of bronchial asthma and othersallergic manifestations can also be indications for the use of Kalina. This plant is also used in folk medicine for violations of the heart, asthma attacks, headaches (among other things, it has a pronounced antispasmodic effect).

The calyx bark effectively stops uterine andother types of bleeding (which can be especially useful in the postpartum period), and in particular is used for periodontal disease. Both berries and bark plants help with various skin diseases.

The fact that the viburnum is contraindicated to future mothers,say many "knowledgeable". But they do not agree that pregnancy is only a contraindication. Just need to know which part of the bush can be used in a particular situation in the period of gestation, and from which it should be abandoned altogether. In most cases, caution requires only the internal intake of medicines from the viburnum, and with external application it is safer. And, of course, Kalina and its products can not be consumed in large quantities and for a long period of time if you are pregnant.

However, in addition to these warnings, there are others. So, because of the property to reduce blood pressure, folk treatment with viburnum is undesirable for hypotonic patients.

The bark of the bilberry bush has the abilityto exaggerate the blood, which must be taken into account for people prone to thrombosis and having increased blood coagulability - these conditions are incompatible with the treatment of the bark of the Kalina.

In addition, the treatment of Kalina can be completely unacceptable in a number of cases:

  • with arthritis;
  • with kidney disease;
  • with gastric diseases with high acidity;
  • with intolerance to viburnum or vitamin C.

Remember that the medicine for poison differs only by dosage, and by the ability to correctly use this or that remedy.

Especially - Tanya Kivezhdiy