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Special shoes on the hairpin will help women to find a "flying" gait

October 29, 2014 at 16:26, Views: 1915

"Winged" high-heeled shoes inventeda former orthopedic surgeon from the United States, Terin Rose. The shoe is equipped with special inserts that are inflated and deflated when walking, providing good blood supply to the legs and relieving swelling.

However, despite the name, the shoes themselves are unlikelyfly, but go "flying gait," according to the very Rose, their owners are able to help. By the way, the woman is the owner of a whole shoe business, the cost of which is estimated at 40 million dollars. U Tharin has a whole line of orthopedic shoes and just about her will appear and her personal invention - "winged" high-heeled shoes. Shoes have special "wings", which are located in such a way that they support all three arches of the foot - median, lateral and transverse. And the material from which the miracle-insole-carbon fiber-is made-has the ability to gain volume when the pressure of the foot is relaxed and "blown off" when a person steps on them with a foot.

This creates the effect of a "pump", whichimproves the flow of blood from the heart to the legs. This reduces the swelling of the legs and serves as a good prophylaxis for varicose veins. To develop the design of his creation, the businesswoman was connected by Eric Quinni, an architect and an engineer. A man who, in combination, is an ex-surf champion, decided to use materials that are used in the production of surfboards and are famous for their strength and plasticity. It is planned that the cost of shoes will be from 350 to 1995 dollars. However, to create the very line of Rose requires about 100 thousand dollars and the lady is now looking for sponsors.

Comment of orthopedist Alexei Shchebetkov:

-In my opinion, such shoes will really helplegs rather get rid of edema. After all, it has long been known that when swelling is helped by the method of stepping from foot to foot, from sock to heel. And if the "wings" in shoes will really work on the principle of a pump, while walking will really improve the blood supply of the legs. As for varicose veins, here everything is not so unambiguous. After all, this is a hereditary disease and one shoe can not be helped here, complex measures, including drug therapy, are needed. But as an aid, such shoes will come in handy. But the use of "strong and ductile materials" could be avoided, for the orthopedic footwear the skin fits well. Perhaps these materials are good for surfboards, but for me their safety and necessity on the foot of a person is doubtful.