Causes of eyelid edema in women

Tanya Master (2402) 8 years ago

Edema of the eyelids, so spoiling the delicate beauty of the femaleperson and immediately adding years, can be caused by different reasons. Constant eyelid swelling is often a symptom of diseases that violate water-electrolyte metabolism - it is a disease of the kidneys, heart or endocrine system. Removing the swelling of the eyelids in this case is helped by diuretics, as well as limiting the intake of liquid and salt.
Edema of the eyelids often accompanies such inflammatorymanifestations like conjunctivitis, runny nose and a cold - the development of inflammation leads to an expansion of the vessels of the ocular membranes and edema of the eyelids. Such conditions are removed by dropping drops - soothing, antibacterial, antiviral, which contain substances that narrow the blood vessels. The edema of the eyelids of infectious origin, as a rule, passes for 5-7 days, with the coping of inflammatory phenomena.

Also, the swelling of the eyelids is a consequence of chroniclack of sleep, smoking, late dinners, excess salt and liquid in the diet, the wrong position of the head during sleep (to prevent swelling of the eyelids, sleep best on a small and flat pillow).

The swelling of the eyelids in sensitive people is due tofats and oils contained in face creams - when applied to the eyelids, they spread, fall into the eyes and cause irritation and swelling of the eyelids. This will help cosmetics, made specifically for the skin around the eyes, which contains non-staining substances. Active moisturizers can also cause swelling of the eyelids, retaining a lot of liquid in the skin. For eyelids, it is better to use creams and lotions that restore microcirculation of blood and lymph in the area around the eyes. But even the best cream should not be left overnight, it is better to remove its remains from the skin after a certain time.

The most persistent eyelid swelling can be just an innate feature.

Between the skin of the eyelids and the subcutaneous tissue there ismembrane, in some it is too thin. With age, it becomes thinner even more, and the subcutaneous fatty tissue goes right under the skin. Therefore, any unpleasantness or stress in the body immediately causes fluid retention in the cellulose around the eyes and a noticeable edema of the eyelids. Especially if there is a violation of venous circulation in the area around the eyes - at night the circulation in the vessels of the eye area slows down - they overflow, since the eyelids are still. In this case, the tissues stretch, and in the morning there are swelling.

If the eyelid edema is not associated with diseasesinternal organs, to cope with it will help competently organized skin care of eyelids and a course of cosmetology procedures against a background of full sleep, active rest and moderate use of water.

Treatment procedures that help with eyelid edema,First of all, they aim to carry out active lymphatic drainage. For example, by electrostimulation - using subtle electrodes, subcutaneous lymphatic pathways are stimulated by low-frequency electric current, which improves cellular metabolism, restores cell physiological activity, microcirculation of blood and lymphatic exchange. The same effect is produced by salon procedures of microcurrent therapy, mesotherapy, dermotonia and cosmetic masks.

Edema of the eyelids, especially in the initial stages, wellis removed and with the help of manual lymphodrainage massage. For example, the lymph drainage effect gives the massage of the corners of the eyes and temples with gentle pressure for 2 minutes and tapping with the fingertips around the eyes. Supplement the massage with gymnastics for the eyes - put your hands on the temples and try to move the skin with the help of facial muscles back. Exercise is repeated several times during the day.

For a persistent effect, it is necessary to pass several courses of any of the listed methods.

It is possible to fight with eyelid edema at home. For example, applying a special cooling eye gel with plant extracts after sleep. The gel is applied to the upper and lower eyelid and wait a few minutes before painting.

Help and special "ice" masks.

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Ice put on the cheekbones, well, and it's ok!