Libiderm from swelling

reduces swelling, light texture, low price, suitable for sensitive eyes.

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Not so long ago the assortment of our pharmacy expandedand there were new items from the series of cosmetics Libriderm, including a cream for the delicate skin around the eyes. I love everything new, all the more so at the moment all the eye cream have run out of me, and in this cream I liked the composition, so I bought it. Yes, and the price played a role, about 100 rubles, well, quite cheap.

Sometimes I have a small problem, in the morning swellingunder the eyes. More often - everything is fine, but sometimes I get up and it's terrible to look at myself, and for some reason especially under the right eye. I do not even know how to explain this. And I work with people and I want to look good.

The photo shows that the edema is stronger under the right eye.

That's description I liked this cream. It is precisely this that aims to cope with edema, because it contains troxerutin.

There are no paraben in the cream and the composition is quite small.

The same substance that has long been used inmedicine in the fight against venous insufficiency and leg edema (troxevasin and troxerutin gel). I see many on the Internet offer vein-toning creams to smear the face. Of course, if you have a bruised face and hematomas on it, then yes, and just like that, as prevention, it's just ridiculous.

But when troxerutin is added to the cosmetic cream in reasonable concentrations and is intended for the area of ​​the body where it is offered to be applied, then I am entirely behind such an idea and such a cream.

I liked the cream right away, it had a light texture,slightly yellowish (there is no visible shade in the photo), apparently because of troxerutin, it falls down perfectly and absorbs, moisturizes the skin. Edemas under the eyes, if any, decrease slightly. The cream is absolutely safe for the eyes, I have very sensitive eyes, and they took this cream well, lacrimation from it does not happen. It happens that I apply the cream several times under the eyes, when the swelling is very pronounced, the cream slowly removes them.

The cream in the tube, 15 ml of cream lasts for a long time, it will end, I will buy it again, because I really liked the cream.

Overall Impression. well removes edema under the gases