Treatment of albuminous edema

Edema - excessive accumulation of fluid in tissuesbody, subcutaneous tissue. Edema is not an independent disease, it is a symptom of heart disease complicated by heart failure, kidney disease, can occur with liver cirrhosis, fasting, with pregnancy pathology.

The mechanism of edema formation is that water leaves the vascular bed and accumulates in the intercellular space. The reasons for this may be:

  • a decreased level of protein in the blood;
  • kidney disease, in which the protein is lost from the body with urine;
  • liver disease, when protein is not synthesized in the required quantities (this is one of the functions of the liver);
  • lack of protein in the diet (diseases accompanied by impaired absorption in the intestines, starvation);
  • high permeability of capillaries;
  • heart disease (chronic heart failure);
  • venous thrombosis;
  • thrombosis and thrombophlebitis of limbs;
  • varicose veins of the legs.
  • edema hydrostatic. in which the main role is played by the increase in pressure in the capillary;
  • hypoproteinemic. the main cause of their formation -reduction in the plasma protein content of proteins, especially albumins, and a decrease in the colloid-osmotic (oncotic) pressure of blood plasma with the release of fluid from the bloodstream into the tissue;
  • membrane-gene. the formation of which is caused by the increase in the permeability of capillaries due to their toxic damage, inflammatory process, and violation of nervous regulation.

Edema or other parts of the bodyincrease in volume. The skin becomes dough-like to the touch, after punching a finger on the skin remains a pit. In the absence of inflammatory complications, the puffy skin is pale or slightly cyanotic. With pronounced swelling on the stretched shiny skin, cracks can arise, from which the edematous fluid oozes.

With heart disease edema is traditionally localized symmetrically toankles and legs from the walking sick and in the lumbosacral region - in the recumbent. Not rarely is ascites - the accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

With kidney disease edema is localized first on the face, especially in the eyelid region, and later on the legs, lower back, genitals, anterior abdominal wall.

To cure swelling, you need to treat the disease,on the background of which they appeared. Additionally, as a symptomatic agent, diuretic products are prescribed, also restriction of table salt, and vice versa, to consume as many vegetables, fruits and berries that have a diuretic effect. Also, dairy products are also useful.

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I also heard that you need to drink plenty of water so that there is no swelling. But I have not tried it on myself.

in general already in Russia do not use. pregnant woman should drink at least 2 liters of water, with swelling is prohibited salt, te all smoked salted food nedosalivat. and water can not be detrimental to the child, even in our small town, all doctors already know about it. I had swellings on the contrary to drink talking.

I used, and quite successfully.
5 glasses of liquid, and nothing salty.

it is not clear where edema. reasons are different.
Do not drink water at night

Swelling is not without a cause. First, establish the cause, which may be a violation of kidney function, heart disease, thyroid gland, adrenal gland, liver, pituitary gland, hyperhydration, protein depletion, etc.
Eliminating the cause, get rid of edema. And diuretics are different and they are prescribed by a doctor, depending on the disease.
You can not just drink the first one (especially on the advice of HERE.), A diuretic.
With the same success, you can go to the pharmacy and you will be offered a bunch of all diuretics. But you do not know what your swelling is from. And where the swelling. - here about edema - read.

Physical blocking
Edema is an increase in the amount of fluid in theintercellular spaces. To form edema, it is sufficient to increase the amount of liquid by 10% against the norm. Symptoms of swelling are bloatedness and a clear trail remaining after pressing the finger. Edema can be caused by a blockage of the vein or blockage of the lymphatic vessel.

Delayed water or other fluid in the bodyis a sign that a man restrains his emotions. A man swells to protect himself. Edema can also occur in the process of eliminating or resolving a conflict, when a person has a contradiction between [the link will appear after checking by the moderator] and the heart (keep the conflict or resolve it). The part of the body in which the edema occurred is indicative of the area of ​​life in which there is a delay. So, the edema on the leg says that a person does not allow himself to move towards a goal, although he has already made a decision.

If you have swelling, your body tells you,that you restrain yourself because of lack of confidence in your abilities and talents. You create obstacles and limitations for yourself. You must move and take risks, following the call of your heart. Finally, make some decision, as the longer the conflict drags on, the more you risk jeopardizing your health.

Spiritual blockage and conclusion

In order to understand the spiritual blockage,which interferes with the satisfaction of the important need of your true self, ask yourself the questions listed in the [link will appear after the moderator checks]. Answers to these questions will allow you, not only to more accurately determine the true cause of your physical problem, but also to eliminate it.
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